A Worthy King

Darkness encroach
Reward: 100,000 scenario exp
mission begins Rococo plain talk to ヴェニア.
Talk to Rita and witch hunting Woods.
Fight Dark Knight Lv70 in Rococo plain (can't win the event fighting for)
talk to ヴェニア end mission.

The fight against King Dragon
Rewards: 110,000exp
mission begins rococo plain talk to ヴェニア.(zone in out MAP)
floating island fight Dragon King and Kaiser Lv99(win or lose is agnostic)
End of mission, talk to ヴェニア.

Areas of Mirkwood
Reward: 120,000exp
Mission start talk to elder at moon vilage.
wilderness of darkness (37.37) into the party field.
fight dark von Lv65 Seiya Lv63.

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