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Iruna Online wiki was created to provide community based information on the popular MMO RPG game for the smart phone called "Iruna Online".

What is Iruna Online?

Iruna Online is a MMORPG for smartphones, developed by Asobimo, Inc. The beta was released in early April, 2012 and became a popular success. The Official version for smart phones was released on 12 March, 2013. Iruna Online has had over a million players pass through its doors and now features new quests, new worlds and an item shop, as well as trading markets.

Iruna Online Facebook & Forum

You can find Iruna Online on Facebook by visiting the wiki: Iruna Online Facebook
There are also great, helpful forums you can be a part of:
Iruna Online Unofficial Forum
An Unofficial Iruna Online Forum
Iruna Online Database and Forum-Released Officially December 11th 2013
( The old forums iruna.boards.net was deleted )


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Iruna Online is always updated & improving their game with New Maps/Citys, New Items, New Monsters, New Quests, New Char Level Cap Increased & More.

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