Dark Wasteland
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Map of Telete Forest.

You have to talk to Elder get to the Dark Domain


Image of the Dark Domain.


Name Level Hostility Collectibles Equipment Other Items Miscellaneous
2013_07_09_13_35_30_459.jpg Dark Soldier 50-54 Aggressive Broken Shield
Broken Sword
Binal (S)
Regera (XS)
303-347 exp
2013_07_10_19_50_38_693.jpg Dark Warrior 55 Aggressive Dark Splinter
Warrior Fist
Revita (L)
Bead Fragment
3299 exp
Black_Dark_Warrior.jpg Black Dark Warrior 75 Aggressive Dark Splinter
Warrior Fist
Nephiles.jpg Nephiles 51-52 Aggressive Spider Thread
Spider Eye
Sorcerie Hat Vaccine (Poison) 1569-1625 exp


Portal to Parul (41,122)

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