Rokoko City

Rokoko City - the first main town you come to in the game!

Here is a main hub for the surrounding areas - The Ronfa Mountains and the Rokoko Plains.



Places of Interest

Main Square

The main outside location of the city.
NPC Name Quests Given Coordinates
Alen.png Alen Scholar's Search 66,115
LatiTheMerchant.png Lati the Merchant Stock up for Lati 94,87
Pokoko.png Pokoko Beasts in the Meadows 102,101
GMNines.png GM Neins - 63,135

Night Watchman Pub

The meeting place for adventurers to recap over some ale.
NPC Name Quests Given
Tavis.png Tavis -
Marlena.png Marlena Super Brew? Miracle Brew?
Worker.png Worker Scurrying Shadows
Adventurer.png Adventurer -


The place to refine equipment.
NPC Name Quests Given
MashTheBlacksmith.png Mash the Blacksmith Blacksmith's Hobby
Rune.png Rune The Apprentice's Dream

Fortune Teller's Manse

The place to synthesize new potions.
NPC Name Quests Given
MayaTheAlchemist.png Maya the Alchemist -


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