City Of Turbulent

City of arboreal 樹上の都 (4,500,000 scenario xp)
Go to the Magic Research Institute 魔法研究院
Get text at Dikitto district (44.44) →
And combat Guri グーリー Lv165, Toderu トデル Lv170 (173.172) (Variant)

Ordeal of the Royal Palace 王宮への試練 (1,500,000 scenario xp)
Go to the Capitol →
Conversation in order Furene tavern 酒場 フレーネ, Raruru ラルル
Conversation event at the backside of Institute magic 魔法研究院 (135.45) →
Parliament building 議事堂

Settlement of the Gods 神々の和解 (5,300,000 scenario xp)
Conversation with the king Erubano エルバーノ王 at Royal Palace 王宮
And combat Anubitesu アヌビテス Lv172 in room behind the king →
Heaven 天上界

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