Encounter With Variant
Quest Part NPC to talk With Item Obtained Objectives
Forgotten Shadow Varuna Blue Dragon Crystal Travel to the Fogotten Cave and defeat Ferzen.
Unclaimed Quest Alen Broken Crest Travel to the Rokoko Wind Tunnel and go into a teleport (55, 75). You'll go to a special field where you have to defeat some monsters. Return to Alen. Then talk to Varuna again.
Formless Being Tilia Ancient Scroll Kill 20 Dragnof, 20 Giant Beholder Gamma, 20 Goblin Rider, and 20 Chiro. Then return to Tilia.
Ancient Writings Alen Liphtograph Fragments (3), Liphtograph Find the lithograph Alen spoke of - Rokoko Wind Tunnel: Lower Level [Walk into Portal] (57, 67), Suag Swamp (94, 100), Rokoko Plains (60, 120). Return to Alen. (Hint: They have a sparkle so they can't be hard to miss)
treatment of Darkness Alen Conversation with Rita Forest witch-hunt. shining powder x1, peridot x1, a living statue × 1.
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