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Main Display

1. Main Menu 7. Current battery life 13. You
2. Your level 8. Chat button 14. An NPC (Lowy)
3. Your name 9. Party display 15. Movement Joypad Control
4. Your health bar 10. A monster 16. Chat variety (Say, Shout, Guild, Party, Trade)
5. Your mana bar 11. Your hotkeys 17. Mini Map; Used for camera control
6. The current time 12. Another player (Hi 666!) 18. Chat box



To chat, simply press the chat button in the upper right.


To chat on different channels, swipe the chat button to the left. This will open the other channels you can chat from:

Say General Chat. This will send messages to everyone within the area around you.
Shout Will send to everyone on the current map.
Guild Will send to your fellow guild members.
Party Will send to those just in your party.
Trade Will send globally to the trade channel.

Main Menu


Hitting the Menu Button in the upper left causes the main menu to open.

The main menu has many different features:

Character - Having to do with your personal character

Items - Inventory Management

Map - A larger version of your minimap

Old Log - A larger version of the chat box with filtering capabilities

Community - Everything having to do with socializing. It includes your email, guild listing, and more.

Settings - Game running options

Log Out - Exiting the game


To talk with NPCs, you must be close to them and they will get a circle around them. Tap the NPC to begin talking.

Moving and Camera

To move, use the joy stick wheel in the lower left.

To rotate the camera, use the mini map in the lower right by swiping at it left, right, up, and down.

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