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Consumables (view original)

This is a list of the Consumables in the game:

Name Function Where to Get Buy Price Sell Price
Defense Manual 3 Lets warriors with Defense 2 learn Defense 3 Stone Golem 500
Double Attack 3 Lets warriors with Double Attack 2 learn Double Attack 3 Dragist 500
Insult Book 2 Lets warriors with Provoke 1 learn Provoke 2 Mucus Lv 42 500
Insult Book 3 Lets warriors with Provoke 2 learn Provoke 3 Exb 1812
Recovering MP 3 Lets mages with Mana Recover 2 learn Mana Recover 3 Kijimu (Witch Hunter Woods) 500
Basic Magic 3 Lets mages with Mana Wave 2 learn Mana Wave 3 Enty 500
Dark Manual 1 Lets mages learn Dark Blast 1 Chiro 500
Dark Manual 2 Lets mages with Dark Blast 1 learn Dark Blast 2 Civil
Dark Manual 3 Lets wizards with Dark Blast 2 learn Dark Blast 3 Gilgobble
How to Heal 3 Lets mages with Mini Heal 2 learn Mini Heal 3 Roar 500
★Fort Bailune Move to Fort Bailune Chat the Merchant
Slebinian Merchant
Lati the Merchant
Elua the Merchant
500 50
★Rokoko Move to Rokoko City Lati the Merchant
Elua the Merchant
Death Chiro
500 50
★Diel Village Move to Diel Village Kady
Elua the Merchant
1000 100
★Lunite Village Move to Lunite Village Elder
Elua the Merchant
1000 100
★Dark Castle Move to Dark Castle (Lv60+ recommended) Dark Golem
★Capital city Sofya Move to Capital city Sofya Elua the Merchant 1500 150
Treasure Chest Randomly grants: Revita (S), Revita (M), Remagic (S), Hematite, Damascus Steel, Gold Fragment, or Mahara Mimic 500
Old Treasure Box Who knows what it contains? Server connection required (Randomly grants: Revita (M), Revita (L), Remagic (M), Jewel Steel, Gold Dust, Mythril, Pirate Hat) Vole 1000
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