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Healing.png Healing Collectible.png Collectible Crystal.png Crystal
Consumable.png Consumable Equipment.png Equipment Coin.png Coin

Type Name Buy Price Sell Price Obtained By
Equipment.png Ancient Helmet Skeleton
Collectible.png Ancient Text 50 Mimic
Collectible.png Bat Fang 29 Death Chiro
Collectible.png Bat Wing 24 Death Chiro
Collectible.png Baum Lumber 28 Baum
Collectible.png Baum Splinter 20 Baum
Collectible.png Beast Claw 17 Baum
Collectible.png Beast Tooth 10 Poke
Collectible.png Beast Tail Poke
Collectible.png Bent Pickaxe Goblin
Collectible.png Big Colon Leaf Leedle Colon
Collectible.png Big Sword Giant Boulder Gamma
Collectible.png Black Fragment Chako
Collectible.png Blue Stone Ferzen
Collectible.png Broken Helmet Goblin
Collectible.png Broken Staff Baum
Collectible.png Burnt Coal Chako
Collectible.png Charred Stone Chako
Collectible.png Colon Leaf Colon
Collectible.png Colon Bag Colon
Crystal.png Copper Ore 10 Mining
Collectible.png Cubic Fragment Cubic
Collectible.png Cule Flower Kijimu
Collectible.png Cule Wood Kijimu
Crystal.png Damascus Steel 80 Man, Mash the Blacksmith, Cubics
Collectible.png Dragon Bone (S) Dragnof
Collectible.png Dead Tooth Skeleton
Crystal.png Earth Bead 500 Ferzen
Healing.png Egg 50 Lati the Merchant
Collectible.png Fake Treasure Mimic
Crystal.png Fire Bead Goblin Rider?
Collectible.png Flower Nectar
Collectible.png Fluffy Fur Mooth
Consumable.png ★Fort Bailune Merchants
Collectible.png Frog Eye Brosch
Collectible.png Frogskin Brosch
Collectible.png Frog Spine Brosch
Collectible.png Gamma Fragment Giant Boulder Gamma
Collectible.png Gargoyle Shard Gargoyle
Collectible.png Gazer Ear Gazer Ear
Collectible.png Giant Flower
Crystal.png Hematite 30 Goblin, Chako, Man
Collectible.png Iron Ball Giant Boulder Gamma
Collectible.png Kijimu Splinter Kijimu
Collectible.png Living Statue Gargoyle
Collectible.png Long Tongue Mimic
Collectible.png Mica Mooth
Collectible.png Mushroom Cap
Crystal.png Mythril 300 Man
Healing.png Nut Colon
Collectible.png Old Medical Text Alen
Collectible.png Patterend Plate Cubic
Collectible.png Pelt Hound
Collectible.png Peridot Ferzen
Healing.png Regera (XS) Merchants
Healing.png Regera (S)
Healing.png Remagic (S) 40
Healing.png Remagic (M) 250
Healing.png Revita (S) 50
Healing.png Revita (M) 300 30
Healing.png Revita (L)
Crystal.png Rock 1 Mining
Consumable.png ★Rokoko Death Chiro, Lati the Merchant
Collectible.png Ruby Cubic
Collectible.png Sharp Horn Goblin Rider
Collectible.png Small Beast Horn Hound
Collectible.png Small Dragonclaw Dragnof
Collectible.png Small Dragonfang Dragnof
Collectible.png Small Fang Gazer
Collectible.png Small Spider Eye Nepheel
Collectible.png Spent Evil Eye Gazer
Collectible.png Spider Silk Nepheel
Collectible.png Spider Web Nepheel
Collectible.png Starhunter Petal Kijimu
Collectible.png Stone Wing Gargoyle
Collectible.png Strange Carving Death Chiro
Collectible.png Sturdy Bone Skeleton
Healing.png Sweet Nut 24 Leedle Colon
Collectible.png Torn Gloves Goblin Rider
Consumable.png Treasure Chest Mimic
Consumable.png Vita Plus (S) Telna the Alchemist
Collectible.png Weaponsmith Book Alen
Crystal.png Zinc Ore 30 Mining
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