Bugs & Glitches

List of known bugs and glitches as of July 5th, 2014

  • When targeting any monster from across an impassable obstacle, the monster will walk through the obstacle toward the player.
  • When two or more members of different parties target the same monster at the same time, a duplicate monster will spawn.
  • When doing a repeatable quest that requires the player to slay a set number of monsters, the quest will be deleted from your quest log if the player is in the quest menu(by talking to the NPC and then selecting "Quest") before the quest has been completed and the quest is completed while the player is in the quest menu. Quitting out of the quest menu still deletes the quest so avoid having it up before the quest is completed. Confirmed in v1.17E. See image below.
  • The game will spontaneously force close at any given time.
  • Other players might appear to be walking through impassable obstacles, or moving to the next monster or area prematurely. This may be due to latency.
  • Sometimes the timer for protection skill doesn't show and will only display "Other1".
  • When you equip new armor sometimes the DEF value is not equal to your base DEF and armor DEF(ex. base DEF 22 + armor DEF 12=total DEF 55)but reverts back to normal DEF value when you are attacked.
  • the name of the item in a gift and some other text has letters on top of them making the unreadable
  • There is a tree in the micerne plains near the entrance beside a wall where you can "climb" up and disappear out of sight
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