God Out Of Power

Shadow of the スルビニア
Reward: 1,200,000exp
mission start fight Goblins Lv100×3(103.139).
go to Geist village fing 3- parts of machinery (105.146)(60.132)(137.102).
go to alley in entering order right, right, left, right, right.
giest village church fight Lund Lv130, guar Lv131, Tetro Lv133.

Son of God
Reward: 1,500,000exp
mission starts with girl being attacked by calchas Lv100×2 at clones road (218.118).
at capital talk to サテリカ.
Fight アゴラカンス Lv134 near レーデ Salt Lake (68.126).
talk again to サテリカ mission ends.

God kill trap
Reward: 1850000exp
Mission begins Capital talk to サテリカ.
Get the clone's letter.
Talk to オブリガウス in the ミスルナ mountains.
go back to capital and talk to サテリカ.
Talk again to オブリガウス in the ミスルナ mountains.
fight (シュリンゲル Lv140).
mission ends at capital talk to サテリカ.

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