Guild Objective


★About Us: Alta £una★

  • Alta £una is a selective guild. This does NOT mean that we are snobs! It simply means that we do not usually ACTIVELY recruit new members (for example: we do NOT stand in Roko City shouting, "Who needs guild? Recruiting new members, lvl 40+, PT me,"-& we don't judge those who do!-…lol)….However, we DO welcome new invites by our current members and we DO have our name and information out there in case prospective members want to find us! ;)
  • Friends of current guild members are especially welcome, as is anyone who has an interest in contributing to our guild's knowledge and experience base!

★Who Are Alta £una???★

We are a group of friends who are dedicated to increasing our knowledge and abilities within the world of Iruna Online. We are primarily an English speaking community; however, many of us speak other languages (such as Spanish, Tagalog, and Romany). We are a small guild, and we enjoy our small size (!!!): it enables us to maintain our friendships both inside and outside the world of Iruna Online. We are also able to maintain a guild storage system which is unlike many other guilds' storage systems: our trust for each other allows us to give confidently amongst ourselves to a much larger degree than many will find outside our guild.
Despite our decided preference for maintaining a small guild size, we welcome new members once they join and we DO try our best to make them feel as welcome as possible!

*If anyone has an interest in joining Alta £una, please message us on the boards (check under Links) or find one of us in the game. Once you look over the rules and agree to them, and if you qualify according to the (very) few prerequisites for joining our guild, we will grant you an interview and we willl certainly consider you for a prospective addition to Alta £una!

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