Guild Rules

☆☆☆Below are the Requirements for Joining Alta £una (GM has the authority to bypass these criteria at any time for any and all reason(s)…with or without explaination to the guild)☆☆☆

  • You must be level 40 or above (exception: alternate characters of current Alta £una members are always welcome, regardless of level!)
  • You must read the rules PRIOR to joining
  • You must complete an interview with Alta £una GM/officer/veteran
  • You must be a regular, active player!!! (The above 3 measures are designed to screen out potentially inactive guild members.)

★☆★☆★GUILD RULES★☆★☆★
☆☆☆Below are Reasons For Which a Guild Member May Be Kicked- Either With OR Without Warning!!!☆☆☆

#1: No Disrespect. This includes serious name-calling, insults, racism, sexism, level or class discrimination, etc. However, humor is a huge part of our daily interactions as a guild… PLEASE do not confuse humor with disrespect!!! If anyone has a REASONABLE complaint along any of these lines, please take the steps outlined below.

#2: No Begging. This includes asking REPETITIVELY AND/OR RUDELY for equipment, items, leveling and/or MQ assistance, etc. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLY ANNOYING BEHAVIOR, and we rarely encounter such within our guild, BUT… If anyone has a REASONABLE complaint along these lines, please take the steps outlined below.

#3: No Cheating. This includes all of the common interpretations of the word, such as: hacking, duping, botting, falsifying information, etc. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY toward cheaters in Alta £una!!!

#4: No Ceasing of Activity for More Than 4 Weeks. Of course exceptions will be made if you have special circumstances (illness, school, work, family, personal, etc.). However, for these exceptions to be noted, and for your slot to be reserved, you must contact the Alta £una GM (noabelle) or one of the Officers with the reason for your extended absence within 2-4 weeks of your absence to avoid the possibility of being kicked. We are an active guild, and this rule is a necessary evil to keep us that way!!!

#5: No Blatant Display of Disloyalty. Alta £una has a great sense of humor; however, we do not tolerate obvious disloyalty…it is hurtful, and we will not tolerate members showing disloyalty toward the guild. Once you commit to Alta £una, we commit to you! This means that we, as a guild, put our trust in you forever and we would never think you capable of betraying our guild unless you show us that you ARE capable of it. Please don't! We do understand that sometimes guild members leave us for other guilds (language barriers, stronger class affinity, etc.), but we hope you will let us know beforehand in such cases, and if you leave on good terms with us, you will always be welcome to join us again!

#6: No Selling Items/Equipment or Advertising the Sale of Items/Equipment. Our guild is not a marketplace! If you have something you think someone may need or want, offer it to them as a gift. If you want the guild to have it, put it in guild storage. If you want or need an item yourself, ask if anyone has extra and/or offer a trade for it (keep rule #2 in mind). If you want/need better equipment, ask the guild if anyone is available to help your farm it, etc. But if you want spina for an item, GO TO ROKOKO!!!


#1: Anything is allowed to be stored in Alta £una Guild Storage, including valuable equipment. However, guild storage is not to be used as extra personal storage!
#3: Once you deposit an item into Guild Storage, it belongs to the guild. It is no longer yours!!! THIS RULE CANNOT BE OVERSTATED!!!!


#1: Directly communicate your intention to report a rules violation to the offender, unless doing so will comprimise a possible investigation (for cheating, offensive remarks, etc.).

#2: Document the violation with screenshots if possible.

#3: Report rules violation either to the GM or to whichever officer is currently online. If neither GM nor officers are online, email GM on Facebook or gmail w screenshots.

#4: Officers foward complaints to GM, who will either decide alone or take a vote of officers to decide if the offending member will be kicked.


☆Rank Increase Requirements☆

★Promotion Requirements★
☆Officer Requirements
*Level 70 (unless u are an alt)
*Already a Veteran
*Helpful and loyal attitude w/in the guild
*Officer promotions will be up to GM, and may be put to a vote to current officers. GM will usually make the final decision based on attitude/knowledge/ability. Interview w/ GM required first and candidate's permission will be sought. Greater responsibility is expected from officers than Veterans: the guild's welfare is in your hands, and should the GM falter, you will be responsible for the guild either temporarily or permanently!
☆Veteran Requirements
*Level 50 (unless you are an alt)
*Already a guild member for at least a month
*Helpful/loyal attitude w/in the guild
*Active player/daily logins if possible (reasonable exceptions, of course)

*The guidlines above DO NOT guarantee guild promotion. Promotions are ultimately up to the GM and each case is determined by individual considerations and the specific merits of that particular candidate at the given time*★


  • GM noabelle (alt. Zanabell/Wizabell) has a chronic medical condition and is often quite ill or hospitalized. In such cases, guild info will usually be updated to delegate next in command. However, in case GM is unable to update guild info, is unconcious, or dies, below is the protocol:
  • Vluntz/aphetoru/aphe is Second-In-Command. Guild leadership falls to him if noabelle is unable to take command.
  • If Vluntz/aphetoru/aphe is unavailable, [R]etro7/[R]agno7 is the next officer to have command.
  • In case Retro is unable to assume command, guild leadership will fall to T'shan/OzzieB/Twotoes.
  • Please respect their leadership in my absence! :)
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