Aces High

See what being helpful has done.We had too many guild requests. Our reputation has now made us 3 Guilds strong. Keep up the good work.

Aces High I



Officers & Veterans

killaman J.K Ace.High fruity14 Donk Enos Taquan pinkfi3h Danielpc minx


Lashad22 Draven 7FATAL7 koda zidane wandee Racun furi113 BOSSHOSS trioz14
Jose Provoke Darkweed Kisuragi Etheros PvmNucky Nuks-Bro Elbar Carneous jam
Mar Aort leitt MiMi217 Adelhied Death6 MegaMurr Sakako Rue Niklaus
aput chris424 Ami MUNIR Misou catalina Kosumi Arbiter Harleyry {] '_' [}
Fanta Atena vinx Breeah hirou Jt10112 S NE Xstacy Tish Schleive
Spack BowJob alara Treuno KortJest Tsukazi Raiani07 Mink Billyb Peewee
hmica tiborsyo Taros gronkhlp Archerr antonio2 neo Agumon Ellice Player99
seung00 Wolfling Dascas SGrrl93S Elhaym KiLLTRiX killa666 emblazer hinata. Pchang
Moskito Cutty Spenser Reagal Zepheran Oshiana skylor Aztok

Aces High II



Officers & Veterans

GodlyJoy lionhart DejaVu Eririka Ysalla EchoSide Rendoku Nosferat Virulana JK


Romulus *Joey* marakori Mena Kookiez D12h zarakie MoonNRa boe89 McClure
sensai31 Senahime merc2578 Nefferie 暮•雪 kintama Ulikasil takashi M3XYMELT MexyMelt
Zedus tuy Sis Moe727 DANTEmig johny KilaCo friend neiko Ale78
Preston Rayhound lokijll Eunomia Nericon Macky Mordec Roberto Quietus Danny!
Terumi wukside allana vin Blackfox Guilty Bearzy Zyzz Tj2 God
ShinobiX FanyJung skittlet gringer Tioboki Suyta Kriytz dHeAvEns sahrye aktiwers
skeeter Rusak adrenaln Genuine alex2671 Rexfight Taeyang lordboom Tiddies Hazama
Natsumie Veronica jamaisvu castan Eisebed BEAKUGUN lebsky:) CarnageD Gravious jlan
mizuuki barry00 Junior27 mob707 chaos emman-v swagbaby

Aces High III



Officers & Veterans

Aaralyn zieg Benjamin Gnosh Kidjoker


enika CHERIA Disease AznBoy flamesta yojimbo Raizo Zyzz absolon Jolee~
Zesika nyl kallimus Dro Shiin Sagren grimreap Freyja piggy samiel
rododawg iMacky amanda91 soar Gamma Neox Airian Nasr Miyu Turtlez!
milena kuja1710 thedashe Enos2 ace.spades Steeler Bellator Norman. chosen1 Dread03
Arpeciel donjhay Shmobo thron Kao99 UGRO Lei Shushik loTHAIol
Vexsas Yukimura Alia Gnosh fernjung Southpaw Oax koyotebr jajo SixxDan
516350 xfactor rambox mikasaki thicotri tobuscus DerBozz ER davidl Kaheem
Sharky itsJeff Deebebs patty123 mikekay KidJoker Okuroi15 xao Tofu Renku
ZureKite QuickSyN zoeboy drpib Stargaze ZLucy inung Ebbing Aligore Lyrics

Important Changes


Well I've decided that we would function better as a whole, with less ranks. So I will be changing some ranks around.
We will have 10 ranked in each Guild besides me (Ace1, Ace2, & Ace56).
8 Veterans & 2 Officers. Officer will be a leader in my absence.

Ranked players can do many things that can hurt a Guild.
Just like the following list, so the less with this access the better.

  1. Demote/Promote a Members Rank
  2. Remove/kick Members out
  3. Post unwanted Guild Board Messages
  4. Recruiting unwanted, problematic players

Unfortunately this decision came from issues that I had to address. No Guild is perfect. We can only learn from our mistakes. Hope everybody understands why this decision was made. This is all to better our Guild Life.


Looks like we have finally needed a Blacklist.

  1. ACE55 — formerly known as Ryan — for using my name and trying to trick members into giving him equip etc
  2. Rylie — Ryan's little brother, same actions.
  3. Skylar — Also Ryan
  4. Jason6 — also Ryan again
  5. Pride — Troll, harassment of members.
  6. NewPro— is on high alert — appears to be a restarted character and scamming for equip etc

Active vs Non-Active

Of course we wanna keep making this Guild Life experience fun for all. The decision to keep it fun comes at a price. Being a leader the choice is clear for all of us. It pains me to say we have to make room for active members or new recruits.

Active Members make it a better Guild experience vs an Inactive Member.

If you are restarting also let us know, so we can re-invite you back into Guild.

If only a Short Leave just email me, so we know you coming back soon. So please send me an email or tell a Leader, Officer, or a Veteran.

So please let me know if you are not playing anymore or for just a short leave. Just send me an email or tell a Leader, Officer, or a Veteran. So we can make room for active new recruits or reserve a spot for you.

If you are finally back from your real life quest and want back in. You know where to find us. We will be happy to have you back!

Aces High Memorabilia


Guild Life

  1. Be friendly and Chat lots. Give everyone time to answer back. Nagging does not help you, it can and will annoy players.
  2. Try and build a connection with friends that normally play the same time you are.
  3. Too weak. Being helpful leads to better party help for quests and faster experience.
  4. Trading-Mailing equip will help all in Guild, including yourself.
  5. Build a friend list of as many Guild Members as you can. Then you can see who is on. Guild Community shows who is active in that Guild. Friend List shows another. Possible to see 200 active Guild members.
  6. The more you interact the more you will enjoy your stay. Being a lone wolf gets boring. So help lots and party hardy.
  7. Of course no Guild is without problems. So report any to me Ace56, Ace1, & Ace2 or a Officer & Veteran. Then I will be notified of matter. We will try to find a solution or remove it.
  8. I chat-email lots so give me time to respond. Only 3 Guilds to take care of. LOL
  9. I would recommend adding both (me, myself, & I) to your friend list. This way you can always see when i am on (Ace56, Ace1, & Ace2).
  10. Of course, have lots of fun!!!


These steps are very important!!
To restart faster and to get back into Guild again. If we are full we can't invite you back. Until there are openings. So let us know!!

  1. Inform a Guild Leader, Officer, or Veteran that you are restarting. So you can get invited again. Also if using a new name.
  2. Vault all good equip & items.
  3. Sell what ya cant keep.
  4. Then trade your money to a trusted friend or Guild Member, to get money back after restart.

Mahara vs Red Ribbon


Atk +8
Def +10 or +11
Dark Magic +5%
Mdef +10%

Red Ribbon

Matk +8
Mdef +7
Atk +5
Def +3 to +6
X Trade

Mahara slightly better and you have bragging rights. At least until update comes.
If you have it you will be spammed to get rid of it. Many offers will be sent your way.

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