Guild: -AoTLORD-


Hello my fellow Iruna Players. I'm NvrMore, the leader/Guild Master/Friend of a Friendly guild named -AoTLORD. This guild was established on June 16th, 2013. Now the guild is at level 33 with the total 60 Active Members that fulfill my criteria. Upz..All of you should think that it must be a hard no no criteria are just Loyal to the guild, no selfish allowed here, friendly person, No begging and Scammer and at least level 70 (I'm really sorry for this lvl requirement because of a lot of new member just enter the guild and not active again) Not a hard one right? XD

Now our guild in active condition and it means our guild keep growing from time to time, I as the Guild Master get online everyday to keep watching the member of my guild. If there's anyone that want to join our guild, you can find me or another member that I've listed below in Flammel and Saterica Server. This is my short Greeting and I hope I can meet you in Iruna World !!


UserName Level Job in Game Rank
NvrMore 162 Apprentice Assassin Leader / Guild Master
D.Knight 165 Apprentice Gladiator Officer
Caeya 163 Apprentice Paladin Officer
ketchap(c) 160 Apprentice Bishop Officer
Kiritos 155 Apprentice Gladiator Officer
Gdrava 150 Apprentice Bishop Officer
Zedgeist 147 Apprentice High Wizard Officer
EagleSan 142 Apprentice Sniper Officer
Ephemyst 140 Apprentice Bishop Officer
Gin9er 133 Apprentice Enchanter Officer
Viola91 129 Apprentice Paladin Veteran
Ryujii05 125 Apprentice High Wizard Veteran
Nozara 119 Hunter Veteran
E*lusion 115 Knight Veteran
-Nvidia- 112 Cleric Veteran
•°•晴美•°• 112 Wizard Veteran
Zombi (Love) 111 Cleric Veteran
woohoo1 110 Cleric Veteran
Amemiko 107 Cleric Veteran
Tyrion15 106 Wizard Veteran
SODA俊雄 106 Hunter Veteran
1/2(love)'D 105 Cleric Veteran
Onmilink 105 Cleric Veteran
Manko 103 Knight Veteran
Mintered 102 Cleric Veteran
Kryzeka(TM) 102 Cleric Veteran
Nzfive 101 Wizard Veteran
Luccii 101 Hunter Veteran
*arbc name* 101 Hunter Veteran
Momouki 100 Hunter Veteran
Capung 100 Knight Veteran
Wintered 107 Hunter Veteran
DARKGODS 107 Knight Veteran
*x*San 99 Knight Member
eikkie 97 Hunter Member
Ninious 97 Knight Member
Holysan 90 Cleric Member
Rain* 90 Hunter Member
-Souken- 90 Hunter Member
Luvless1 90 Cleric Member
RBerry 88 Wizard Member
-Alexis- 87 Cleric Member
(Curse) 86 Wizard Member
Bahamuts 82 Hunter Member
-Akari69 81 Wizard Member
Yome 80 Hunter Member
*Dre 80 Cleric Member
Sub87 79 Cleric Member
Zento 78 Wizard Member
Katuri 76 Hunter Member
Hotshot 75 Hunter Member
Orihime (TM) 73 Cleric Member
lyps 71 Knight Member
«SUPOT» 68 Apprentice Hunter Member
aaneykoh 65 Apprentice Cleric Member
Kiyone 56 Apprentice Cleric Member
chocobi 54 Apprentice Knight Member
-Alexia- 52 Apprentice Wizard Member
B3ME 50 Warrior Member
Cayea 40 Adventurer Member


Level Requirements: Lvl 70-Max (I'm sorry…this requirement to prevent a lot of non-active new member)





1. Have Fun Please!! Hunting, Leveling, Laughing XD
2. No Begging Please..all of us start from Zero to Hero
3. Please ask for some help if you need it (help to kill a boss etc..)
4. No Scamming another members or another Iruna Players
5. Solidarity
6. If you can help, please help another member like another member help you too
7. Ehemm…Must Active at least 2 times a week (we know that you have the real life too, this rule just to make sure you're still playing)
8. No Sexual Harrashment please. :D
9. It is allowed for member to his/her find life partner, best friends or another relationship among another member
10. We know that you will be loyal to our guild but if you leave the guild once, we can't let you in anymore
11. Every new member will become "member" until lvl 99
11. Every member that reach lvl 100 - lvl 139 will become "Veteran"
12. Every member that reach lvl 140+ will become "Officer" if the player loyal to the guild, have good attitude, helpful in the guild and at least online once every two days / Can online every day
13. for rule no.3 and no.6 .. every member have their own activities, before ask for help, please make sure they have spare time to help you

Guild Events

This is the thing that make our guild different. there will be a guild event once every 2 weeks and we plan to do it at Tuesday. A lot of gift for the winner

We will make sure that the guild event won't become a burden to all of our members and will not clash with the Iruna's official update/event (Ex: lvl cap increase, open new map etc.)

You can check the schedule of the event in this page or or Our Facebook Page


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Contact Person

You can find me if you have any question at
E-Mail: di.oc.tur|ti#di.oc.tur|ti
Kik Messenger: move2benz
Facebook page:

And Of Course You can always find us in Game…Welcome to -AoTLORD-

The Update of New Player / Level / Rank will be held once a week at Monday


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