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About Us

Black Lotus is a Guild primarily based on helping each other to grow and succeed in the game. It's all for one and one for all, no matter how experienced or inexperienced we are. I always pride myself on the fact that I'm willing to help any guild member with any problem, in return, I expect that you try your hardest to grow and eventually help me back later in the game. All I ask is for this hospitality not to be misused.


I'm not really one to give rules, but I expect everyone in the guild to follow these guidelines as a courtesy to me.

  • Always be respectful to your fellow guild members.
  • Don't expect high level guild members to cater to your every whim. This doesn't mean we won't help you, but we have things to do as well, and a little 'Please' and 'Thank you' goes a long way.
  • Do not rip off each other. Any transactions made within the guild should be charitable.

Guild Members


Level 89 KnightDordan


Level 68 Apprentice HunterBarnyson Level 52 Apprentice Cleric
aka Angel.M
Level 72 Wizard
aka Asuna


Level 55 Apprentice KnightCrocko Level 63 Apprentice Hunter
aka Frau.M
Level 60 Apprentice HunterCaffEvil Level 72 Hunter^_^En0xS


Asuna frozende Papalord riku1 Javprox Tsumomi ♥HuKida♥

Guide for Beginners


  • Go to Menu>Settings>Shortcuts to set up skills, equipment and items for quick usage.
  • Spina is obtained by selling items and completing some quests.
  • Hematite: refine lvl 1-3, Damascus Steel: refine lvl 4-6, Mythril: refine lvl 7
  • Talk to GM Neints in Rokoko city to full restore your HP and MP.


Upon reaching level 10, the option to change your class into either an Apprentice Warrior or an Apprentice Mage becomes available. At Level 20, you can graduate into a complete Warrior or Mage. To change classes, talk to Varuna at Fort Bailune, the starting town. Be careful when graduating from your apprentice class, since you can't change later on! It's important to note that apprentices can freely change their class as often as they like, so be sure to experiment to find what suits you best.


It's a good idea to do some research to find out your preferred class before applying stat points, so the below table indicates recommended builds for each class type.

Class Description Preferred Stats Alternative Stats
Paladin Melee tank with buffs and heals Vit/Int/Str (Defensive) Vit/Str/Agi (Offensive)
Gladiator Melee DPS Str/Dex/Crt (Offensive) Str/Agi/Vit (Defensive)
Sniper Ranged class with buffs and status inflictions Dex/Crt/Agi (Offensive) Agi/Dex/Int(Defensive)
Assassin Ranged melee with buffs Agi/Crt/Str(Offensive) Agi/Crt/Int (Defensive)
High Wizard Magic DPS with elemental and ranged attacks Int/Dex/Crt (Offensive) Int/Dex/Vit (Defensive)
Enchanter Magic DPS with buffs Int/Dex/Crt (Offensive) Int/Dex/Vit (Defensive)
Bishop Magic tank with buffs and heals Int/Vit/Dex(Defensive) Int/Dex/Crt (Offensive)
Monk Melee mage with buffs and heals Crt/Agi/Str (Offensive) Agi/Crt/Int(Defensive)


Each class gets its own unique skills for use. Though classes do get skills automatically, there are some skills that need to be acquired through drops or quests. To equip a skill, go to Menu>Settings>Shortcuts.

List of Class Skills

The Stat Distribution

The perfect stat distribution is one of the most important aspects of the game, and if you screw up you'll either have to buy a stat reset or start a brand new character at level 1. To make sure that doesn't happen, figure out what class you want to be and build your stats to match. Generally it's best to have one main stat that you max first, depending on what class you want to be, then one or more secondary stats that you increase to balance your character and ensure it's flexibility and survival.

Stats max at 256, which gives you the opportunity to max a total of 3 stats at the max level, 295.

STR/STRENGTH increases physical attack power. ATK +3 with sword, ATK +2 with bow. ATK +1 with staff. Best for Gladiators INT/INTELLIGENCE increases mp, magic attack and magic defense. ATK +4 with staff, ATK +2.5 with magic book, ATK +2 with bow, ATK +1 with sword. Best for Wizards, Clerics, High Wizards, Enchanters, and Bishops. Good for Paladins. DEX/DEXTERITY increases accuracy and skill casting speed. ATK +2 with a bow, ATK +1.5 with sword and magic book. Best for Hunters and Snipers. Good for Mages.
VIT/VITALITY increases hp and defense. Best for Knights and Paladins AGI/AGILITY increases attack speed and evasion. Best for Hunters, Snipers, Assassins and Monks. Good for Gladiators CRIT/CRITICAL increases critical hit rate. Best for Assassins and Monks

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Name Level Class Rank
Voothy 151 Apprentice Gladiator GM
Voothy 150 Apprentice Assassin GM


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