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About the Guild, Class Act

Class Act is a guild dedicated to friendship and the assistance of our peers. It is through the act of helping others that we, in turn, help ourselves, for a guild is only as strong as its weakest member, be it level, knowledge, or personality. We do not claim perfection but, rather, progress toward an ever-growing goal. This goal is to be a family of like-minded, yet unique, individuals who enjoy one another's company. As is with any family, there are times in which we do not agree, or make mistakes, but we stick together and work and grow as a team. We are simply humans helping other humans and, in doing so, looking for a little help ourselves.

Guild Credo / Requirements for Membership
To show kindness wherever possible.
To give freely of ourselves to our fellow guild members.
To respect one another in all ways.
To never lie, cheat, or steal from others, guild members or otherwise.
To adhere to the guidelines set in place, that we may remain a cut above the average guild.
To have fun and loosen up! That's what it is all about!

Rules and Guidelines
Aside from the requirements mentioned above, there are a few rules set in place to make living a little easier and Class Act a little nicer. These are they:
1) Do not buy or sell in Guild Chat. Give.
2) Do not be mean. We all crack jokes, but there is a limit.
3) See one of the Leaders privately with any issues, in order to keep the Guild Chat a peaceful place.
4) Do your best, in all aspects of the game.

Guild Politics
The political alignment of Class Act can, half-jokingly, be called a Socialist Dictatorship. Aid is extended to all, as evenly as can be managed, without showing favoritism toward any single person or group (and yes, even the leaders need help sometimes). Progress as a guild, in matters such as adopting new rules or requir ements for membership or distribution of the guild's skill points, will be put forth as a topic of discussion amongst the guild. All members are free to voice their opinions, or remain quiet if so desired, about the topic at hand, and such opinions will be carefully heeded by the two leaders. However, final decree falls to the Guild Master, and might not always be in agreement with the majority of the guild, but rest assured, everything performed, every decision made, is with the best interest of the guild, as a whole, in mind. Officers in the guild take on the role of enforcers as opposed to actual leaders. These are the ones that, aside from the two leaders, will be there to make sure the guild members are not causing problems in accordance to the views and interests of the guild. Any person who has managed to stay on board at least one week (give or take) will be eligible to receive Veteran status. Alternate characters never proceed past Member status unless special, temporary, circumstances apply.

Requirements for Officer Status
Must have been a member for at least four weeks.
Must have recruited two members who have achieved Veteran status.
Must know and adhere to all rules and guidelines in a manner befitting a person of uplifted status.
Must show an enthusiasm for the principles set in place, as well as the ethical and moral continuation of the guild.
Must pass an interview given by the leaders of the guild.

Class Builds

My guildies kind of hate the fact that I'm always making new characters, or restarting my main one. However, the reason I do so is to gain first-hand experience with many different builds. I tend to play the Hunter class, although I have tried each and every one, with the exception of Wizard. Through personal experience and asking others of their builds, the ones that seem to work most especially, I have compiled a fair list of different ways to build a character. This is that list.


Tank Knight
Primary Stats: Vit, Agi, Int

The tank knight is a veritable wall. It is almost entirely a Vit build, for the increase in both HP and Defense. Agility is added for the purpose of dodging attacks, making the Tank Knight all the more formidable in taking damage. However, the Tank Knight tends to have a very low attack capability. For this reason, Int is added, be it on a much smaller scale, to assist in the amount of Max MP, as well as MDef, in order to better use skills that will increase its damage potential.

The preferred extended class for the Tank Knight is the Paladin.

DPS Knight

Primary Stats: Agi, Str, Dex

The Knight's main weapon is the Sword. Agi will not only increase the DPS Knight's evasion, but also its attack speed. Mixed with a large amount of Str to increase average damage output, the DPS Knight can deal an incredible amount of damage to an enemy… as long as it can hit. Dex raises the Sword's attack by one point, as well as increases hit potential by one point. It is often recommended that a DPS Knight use Hit +20 crystas, which can be looted from Pienys, until their Dex is high enough to support them.

The preferred extended class for the DPS Knight is the Gladiator.

Critical Knight

Primary Stats: Agi, Crit, Str

The Critical Knight is another version of the DPS Knight. Again, Agi increases its attack speed for more attacks per round. Crit, as opposed to Str, increases both the likelihood of performing Critical Attack (3 points per 1%) as well as Double Attack (9 points per 1%), and increases the amount of damage, based upon attack, that the Critical Hit dishes out. Str is included as a lesser stat for the purpose of increasing both average damage when not performing a Critical Hit, as well as the amount of damage the Critical Hit deals. The maximum potential for a Critical Hit is 90%, making the Critcal Knight lethal at high levels.

The preferred extended class for the Critical Knight is the Gladiator.


DPS Hunter

Primary Stats: Agi, Dex, Str

The most often used build for the Hunter is the DPS Hunter. High Agi will insure its relative safety as evasion rises and the increased attack speed will allow it to attack quickly. Bows rely on both Dex and Str to improve their attack. Dex, however, comes with both an increase to Hit as well as faster Skill Speed, and so, although Dex and Str increase attack the same amount, the DPS Knight commonly looks toward Dex, using Str as a backup stat once Dex has reached its maximum.

The preferred extended class for the DPS Hunter is the Assassin.

Critical Hunter

Primary Stats: Agi, Crit, Dex

Like the Critical Knight, the Critical Hunter relies almost entirely on Agi for attack speed and evasion, and Crit to increase Critical Hit potential and damage. Rather than Str, however, the Critical Hunter relies more on Dex as a backup stat, as bows rely equally on Dex and Str, but Dex also improves Hit and Skill Speed, although the Hit is a tad less important as Crit reaches its maximum because Critical Hits never miss. However, it will come in handy at lower levels before Crit is high enough to insure a common Critical Hit. It is often recommended to slot the equipment of the Critical Hunter with Hit +20 crystas at lower levels, until the percentage for a Critical Hit is very high, or enough Dex has been added to insure a hit.

The preferred extended class for the Critical Hunter is the Assassin.

Well-Rounded Hunter

Primary Stats: Agi, Dex, Vit

This is an interesting build I've been toying with recently. Agi is important in the lower levels to increase attack speed and evasion, but once it has reached a point that attack speed is maxed (I stopped my Agi at 150), Dex takes over. It is important to distribute the stats gradually, as opposed to diving headlong into a single stat from the beginning, to insure it remains well-rounded. Adding mostly Agi in the beginning,with about ¾ of your level in Dex and the other ¼ of your level in Vit, keeps the Well-Rounded Hunter at a high attack speed, decent average damage, and enough HP and Defense to not be quite so entirely squishy, like the other Hunter builds. Once attack speed has reached its maximum, continue on with a Dex/Vit distribution to maximize damage potential and survival potential.

The preferred extended class for the Well-Rounded Hunter is the Sniper.


Support Cleric

Primary Stats: Int, Dex

The Support Cleric is the basic heal/buff class. Int will increase MAtk, which in turn increases Heal efficacy, as well as Max MP for casting more spells and buffs. Dex aids in the Skill Speed for casting spells, insuring that buffs such as Aegis and Bless are cast promptly, and Mana Wave for when the Support Cleric is alone or must join the fray. Support Clerics spend most of their time away from enemies, because a dead Support Cleric is no good to anyone, and often relies on a party for grinding.

The preferred extended class for the Support Cleric is the Bishop.

Tank Cleric

Primary Stats: Int, Vit, Dex

Again, Int is the main focus for the Tank Cleric, for the purpose of increasing Heal potential, Max MP, and MDef. Secondary is Vit, however, to keep the Tank Cleric alive when fighting non-magical foes. Although I included Dex as a minor stat, it is not as required as it is with the Support Cleric.l, for the Tank Cleric relies more on Dark Blast, which is an instant-cast spell and can be cast nearly twice for every one of Mana Wave. Tank Clerics tend to use melee and HP gear for the boost to Defense, leaving MDef to be taken care of by Int. Items such as the Sauro Shooter, which lessens the cool down time of spells, also aids in the casting of magics.

The preferred extended class for the Tank Cleric is the Bishop.

Attack Cleric

Primary Stats: Str, Agi, Dex

This is a tough, yet interesting, build to pull off. Str increases to attack of Rods by 3, and Agi will increase the attack speed and evasion of the Attack Cleric. This build is commonly thought of as the low level Paladin, focusing more on attack capability, with healing and buffing as a minor support ability. One might consider using Swords for their increased attack power over Rods, but Rods often come with a bonus to Int, which is all the more useful to a Cleric that has so little.

The preferred extended class of the Attack Cleric is the Monk.


Attack Wizard

Primary Stats: Int, Dex, Vit

The Attack Wizard is the standard Wizard build. It relies almost entirely on Int to increase its damage potential while casting spells, as well as Dex to speed up the cast time. At higher levels, the Attack Wizard will do phenomenal amounts of damage because of its maxed Int stat, and be able to cast quickly. It is recommended by many that one begin adding to Vit, after Int has reached its maximum, to grant the Attack Wizard some HP and Defense, keeping it from dying so easily while soloing.

The preferred extended class for the Attack Wizard is the High Wizard.

Melee Wizard

Primary Stats: Agi, Crit, Str

Another interesting build, the Melee Wizard is dependent upon physical ability, using spells as support. The Melee Wizard relies on equipment that casts spells in lieu of a Critcal Hit, making Crit one of its primary stats aside from the usual Agi for attack speed and evasion. Once again, Str adds 3 attack to Rods, but this particular stat can be interchanged with Vit for the purpose of keeping the Melee Wizard sturdy and grants more HP for the use of the Wizars's MP restoring skill. Though I have never done this myself, I have seen it, and it seems to be fairly effective.

The preferred extended class for the Melee Wizard is the Enchanter.

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