-Your Friendly Pirate Themed Guild!-

Guild Official launch:
[Since 26-4-2013 to Current]
Guild Wiki Admin: ★Samm★

Guild Level: 28
Current Base: Rokoko: Lunar Pub
Guild Portal: Active Guild Link: Active
Item distribution: Inactive Tactical Orders: Inactive
Guild Storage: Inactive Gathering Orders: Lv 10


Ahoy there Matey!
Welcome to ★CROSS•BONES★!

1. Put on your 'Bandana'/'Thief Bandana'/'Pirate Hat' and meet in Rokoko Pub to hang out together!
2. Check out the ★CONTRACT★ Section for ongoing Guild Events!
3. Guild Vault is CLOSED until we achieve enough guild skill points to reopen it (★TREASURE★ section)
4. Guild Officers, Please take a Screenshot of your character in a pose and send the file to me @ moc.liamg|anuri.senobssorc#moc.liamg|anuri.senobssorc
5. Guild Recruitment Day Details out. Check out ★CONTRACT★ Section.

★THE PIRATE CODE★ (Guild Rules)

1. All ye swash bucklers oughta behave yerselves and respect each other!~
2. We've got kiddies in de guild, so say 'nay' ta nasty words yeh? (no vulgarities)
3. If ye gonna have a squabble, go see a Guild Officer to help ye mediate 'afore ye take up arms against each other!~
4. A good pirate neva leaves his/her mate in dire straits.. help each other out!
5. Friendships and camaraderie arrr important in the guild… form parties together if ye got the same goals!
6. We're a FRIENDLY pirate guild… so no HARASSMENT - no sexual harassment, no begging for items, no nothin' that annoys people. Arrr.
7. Pirates love to have a jolly time! go have *appropriate* fun!
All ye no gooders will walk ye plank!~ (removed from Guild to protect members of the guild after 3 warnings + recommendation by Captain or 1st Mates)

★CREW★ (Captains and 1st Mates)

*NOTE: All Captains and 1st Mates will be auto added. Please let ★Samm★ know if you want to be excluded in the ★CROSS•BONES★ roster~ (drop a mail via in-game mail)
Note: all Captains (officers) and 1st Mates (Veterans) are required to own and wear bandana (from goblin Rider lvl 30,), or Thief Bandana (from Griffin ~lvl 55) or Pirate Hat (Old treasure Chest,Voles ~Lv 60) for guild meetings in Rokoko Pub
CAPTAINS (Officers)
★SAMM★ Patelle Blaze#1 XBlades Breaker8 Big_Bear Faabris
☆SAMM☆ Elonne Truefate - - Halwind Chotaro
★Ambriel Ebasete ★SYNC★ ~Bubbles Zeneath Layfon Light
♥Ambriel - ★Reaper★ - Shicka - -
FIRST MATES (Veterans)
moonf@ng Netania Trome (M) Angilina Alou<3 ~Bubbles Fishie
Trollits HitsuBRA Kaliana Kitsumi - - -

★TREASURE★ (Guild Vault)

Guild Vault Temporarily CLOSED

Guild Vault Temporarily CLOSED. FYI, All Guild skill points have been reset to +10% Drop Rate at the moment. Guild officers will discuss allocation of Guild Skill points. Guild Admin ★SAMM★ will manage the guild skill points after guild meeting.
The Guild Vault is a means to help Guild members. If you do not have need for an item and feel that it may be of help to another, feel free to donate items to the Guild.
On occassion, rare donated items may be used as prizes for the guild events! (feel free to sponsor if you like)
NOTE: 1. Only put in items you are willing to lose! (do not use it as a temporary store! All Guild members have access to it!)
2. Do not put Guild Event prizes into Guild Vault. To sponsor an item for Guild Event: send in-game mail to any Captain and type "Sponsor GE" in title
  3. Sponsors Names will be listed on Guild Event to show who sponsored the prize.

★CONTRACTS★ (Guild Events)


"Pirate Initiation"

Aye Mateys! CrossBones will be having an on going (permanent) Guild Event -> "Pirate Initiation".
AVAST ye Crew! if you feel you have leadership, love to help guildies, and want to rise up as 1st mate (Veteran), do participate in this Guild Event!

Task: 1. Hunt a 'Bandana' from Goblin Rider (Lv30) inside Rokoko Mine. (higher lvls may want to hunt a 'Thief Bandana' from Griffin)
2. wear it and show to Captains (Note: only officers have the function to promote)
Reward: 1. Promotion to Veteran Rank.
2. Opportunity to be added to Guild Roster under "1st Mate" (Veteran) Catergory.
Terms: 1. Candidates can be any level
2. Candidates are allowed to help each other to get Bandana Item (in fact it is strongly encouraged so that friendship may be forged through helping each other!)
3. Buying Bandanas ARE permitted. (HOWEVER, Hunting for the item is strongly encouraged as it builds friendship while hunting)
4. Candidates must be active to remain as Veterans
5. Bandana/Thief Bandana are used for guild meetings held in Rokoko Pub (secret passage)

"Hoist the Colours"

AVAST ye Mateys! A guild is incomplete without our very own Colours (Flag)!
if you have any ideas, feel free to submit your designs to ★Samm★ @ moc.liamg|anuri.senobssorc#moc.liamg|anuri.senobssorc

Task: 1. design Guild Logo
2. Submit to ★Samm★
Reward: 1. Chosen Design Will be used as guild logo
2. Item to Be Announced (Prize Sponsored by: TBC*) *anyone keen to sponsor may mail ★Samm★
Terms: 1. Must be Pirate related
2. Must depict "friendly" concept

"Davy Jones Chest"

AVAST ye Mateys! A hunt for Davey Jones Chest is underway!
The search for the long lost Davey Jones Chest harbours ye olde pirate Hat of the notorious Davey Jones…

Task: 1. Form parties or solo Voles (found at DragonIsle) to obtain as many Old Treasure Chest as you want.
2. click MENU -> Items -> Consumable Tab -> Old Treasure Chest -> Use
3. Possibility of dropping Davey Jone's Pirate Hat (equippable item)
Reward: 1. Random items from Old Treasure Chest
2. Pirate Hat (if it drops, its yours!)
Terms: 1. If you already Bought Pirate Hat, this Contract is pointless.
2. Main aim is set to create an event where Guildies can build friendship!

"Eternity Maze Marathon"

Ahoy Mateys! CrossBones will be having a new guild event - a race down Eternity Maze!
Pull up ye socks, slip on ye boots and race down the windy stairs of Eternity Maze!

Task: 1. start point will be at the foot of the stairs on level one.
2. race marshal will start when all guild members are at start point.
3. start point is at the edge of the stairs on lv 1 entrance (ask marshal if unsure)
4. "ready, set …GO' will be the command for race.
5. racers run on 'GO'.
6. race end point will be at coalgulum boss map.
7. racer that appears at entrance of lv 5 boss map wins.
Reward: 1. TBC (awaiting sponsorship)
Terms: 1. Candidates should try to be lvl 50 and above (mobs in Eternity Maze can damage/kill you if you are under level)
2. all racers MUST wear Bandana/Thief Bandana/Pirate Hat to compete.
3. all racers MUST be members of ★CROSS•BONES★ to participate.

"Guild Recruitment Day!"

Ahoy Mateys! CrossBones will be having a new guild event - Guild Recruitment Day!!

Task: 1. wear your Bandana / Thief Bandana / Pirate Hat.  
  2. gather at Rokoko at the time fortune changes over to the next day. i.e. Singapore/Malaysia 11pm.
  3. announce Crossbones Guild Recruitment
Terms: 1. need to own and wear Bandana or thief Bandana or Pirate Hat
  2. announcement to be made on public chat / shout chat (if applicable) or trade chat (if applicable).
  3. if challenged by other guilds or insulted, DO NOT start a quarrel or retaliate, all ye be honourable aye?.
4. if challengers insult you, just mention that we are recruiting objectively, and have no desire to quarrel or make a fool of ourselves by cussing back (you can inform them that their use of insults obviously lowers their reputation) *wink wink*

★IRUNA TIPS★ (info from Main Wiki)

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