Demon Knights
DemonKnights-150x150.jpgWe are a proud guild devoted to having fun and making the game better for everyone and anyone is welcome as long as you have a good sense of humor :D!! If you have any questions just ask me the guild mastsr is TIFA: long time OFFICERS ARE AS FOLLOWS RVBSARGE, STONE^, Goatfish, DELROX, CLOUD, AND " . IF YOU WANT TO NOW ANY MORE ABOUT JOINING WE CURRENTLY HAVE 60 MEMBERS THERES ROOM FOR LOTS :D JUST REMEBER HAVE FUN!

GUILD: Demon knights : 60 member total as of dec 12 2012*

Guild master
Tifa<3 lv(57)
Guild officers
(in order of level): Delrox lv(70), goatfish lv(57),Giibo lv (57),maTmaX lv(56) RVBsarge lv(55), " lv (52), stone^ lv(51), Warbank lv (1), Magebank lv(1)
Guild Veterans
GeeAce lv(53), Giibo lv (52),silent00 lv50, jenoside lv (53), Metalgrl lv(46) , dutchnup, lv (44), Cubby lv (50), Koolkat lv(45), CLOUD lv (40), Wizard lv (42), lokdemon lv (38), ExReborn lv (36), Dr.bud lv (36), Stone mage lv (36)

Guild members :( in order of level) samrie lv (35), RedRose lv (34), Fry lv (33), decon24 lv(32), Cloudy lv (29), skycless lv 29, LeviChan, (28), Tec lv (28), Eon.. lv (27), exeon, lv(26) LasrCorn lv(25), Shrine lv (25), Yeriking lv (25), Liziahna lv (24), Roxy1311 lv (24), Hendis lv (22), xCecelia lv (22), *BORN* lv (20), armonite lv (20), Abalam lv (19), G4RY lv (18), xHirox lv (17) ESZTILO lv (12), sheba lv (12)

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