Elite Guardians

About Elite Guardians


This guild was officially created by Rora and appointed ╚Seknz╝ as Master. It started out with
5 good friends(both in reality and in Iruna); ~ikiris~, Rora, ╚Seknz╝, Noskacj and PhuckMe
having that common passion; to help others and expect nothing in return.
With that, Elite Guardians have touch the hearts of many and special
ones are now elite members.

Guild Level Lv38
Guild Skill Gathering Orders Lv10
Guild Storage Lv2
Tactical Orders Lv1
Server Wass EN

Guild Storage
The guild storage is everyone's responsibilities. Sole purpose is for healing items only.

Elite Guardians is united as one in everything; helping others, farming, levelling and
most importantly always dying together.Not to mention, with the guild storage up and
running, elites stock up the storage together with hilarious healing items apart from
Revita L stacks. Elite Guardians' current favourite healing item is Stoic Seed from
Boss Colon.

Main Quests/Storylines
All members in the guild have done main quests at least up to
Chapter 1: Country's Deals (Golden Idol; Boss-Fake Grecia).
No one is left behind.

Meet the Elites!

GM & Officers

Name Level Job
╚Seknz╝ 189 Assassin
~ikiris~ 150 Ninja
noskacj 166 High Wizard
PhuckMe 149 Ninja
Jinz 195 High Wizard
Rora 171 Bishop
Jehanz 205 Enchanter

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You may contact EG via email at moc.liamg|anuri.snaidraugetile#moc.liamg|anuri.snaidraugetile for these
following reasons:
1) A 'Thank You' message to any of us
2) Advice on Stats Build

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