Fairy tale will accept anyone and help anyone in need
We love to laugh & joke around so get ready to meet some weird but awesome people! ^-^

Our rules are simple:
1st time warning 2nd time demoted
2. You must RESPECT your guild-mates!!
3. Every member has their own activities, before asking for help, please make sure they have spare time to help you!
*HAVE PATIENCE!! Your MQ (MAIN QUEST) isn't going to grow legs and run off, I promise.*

Don't be rude to others and be respectful
We will be known for helping other and not caring about our own needs.

*App. = Apprentice
*Due to computer limits most names are not how they appear in game

_We are Fairy Tale and We Always a Stick together and we must never abandon each other. We will help others when they ask. If some disrespects us in any way you must tell me and i will take care of the situation.
1. You are automatically a MEMBER of the guild when you accept the invite. Members of our guild help each other when possible!!!

2. Veteran status comes after members reach Lv.75 and know the guild rules, then you will be ranked to a veteran status and as a veteran you will be able to invite others to the guild.

3. *NEW RULE* OFFICER will the hardest rank to achieve. To be a officer you must be at least Lv.100 The officers have the power to promote members to veterans & kick people from the guild. Any misuse of ranking will be demoted.

4. The duties of the officers are to help lower level members and to maintain harmony in the guild.

5. Officers also help out in the absence of the Leader & are allowed to kick people out the guild without permission from the guild leader but must notify the leader.
*Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to become a officer, regardless of level or how active you are.*

Guild members

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