First Ordinance

First ord.jpg Ordinance

This guild is created with mission to uphold the first law of the nature, the Self-preservation. By Self-preservation, that mean to protect what is right and prevent what is wrong.

Originally it's created from a group of a quest party, a group of four. The first one who kill the boss Ferzen and get the peridot (drops) will be the first master, that is the first guild's law The Ordinance of Establishment, the 1st Ordinance. Lucky for her, Joheinhm get the first prize and be the first guild master. Beginning with only four member (including the member that doesn't appear in the list, assuming a spy mission) it continue to expand hoping for a better future.

The current mission of the guild is to help the newbie (level 1 to 10) whether he/she a guild member of not by giving them a strong weapon or/and equipment for free of charge and also by accepting them into party monsters slaying thus boosting their level.

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