From The Ashes

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Guild created on 10/22/2013
Leader: xDerppy
Vices: DarrylBM, theDemon

In search of DRAMA FREE team players, who are active and want to work hard either solo or as a team. We are not searching to be number one on any list, just looking to have fun and make sure that our teammates and guild members are enjoying our company.


*Level 50+, unless otherwise approved by GM or Vices

Must be active, while we understand that there may be times where there are circumstances beyond your control where you may not be online, as you are human, and life is unpredictable

We are a Drama Free guild, who believe that if there are any issues, they can be addressed and should be addressed in a private forum, not shouted out across the galaxy. We need not participate in shouting matches or inane arguments, or become involved in issues nonrelated to ourselves. We do enjoy a little bit of ribbing at each other, but are considerate of feelings.

Scammers are prohibited, any member that is found to be scamming other Iruna players will be removed from guild immediately.

We are not beggars, and hold ourselves to a higher standard. It is frowned upon by a majority of the Iruna community, and is also frowned upon by the founders of From the Ashes. That being said:

We are not in the business of helping you level. There are many areas with many persons in search of levelling parties. Constant begging to help level your character may result in removal from the guild.

We will help you out with your Main Quest if needed IF we are available, but effort needs to be shown on your behalf that you are trying to improve your character. Guild members will let you know if they are busy on a mission of their own or are in a party, and subsequently, if they will be able to assist you.

We do farm quite often together, and welcome requests for farming.

You will find our guild is quite friendly, albeit sometimes a little quiet, at other times, we're complete chatterboxes. Most times we will answer any questions about the game, as the members are quite knowledgeable.

If you are interested in joining, contact any of us in game. Most of the time we reside on Specia, but occasionally venture into uncharted territory on other servers.

Happy hunting, and make sure you put the butthurt on any bosses that you can.

Name Level Job Rank
xDerppy 125 Hunter GM
DarrylBM 123 Wizard Officer
theDemon 145 Apprentice High Wizard Officer
£ucifer 71 Apprentice Knight
◄Petey► 79 Mage
YukiDere 128 Apprentice High Wizard
xHooves 35 Adventurer
Drawlya 26 Mage
urPanda! 34 Apprentice Warrior
Ke$ha1 24 Mage
Jnj0nes 70 Knight
-chibi- 52 Mage
Bà™áN 99 Hunter
MowDown 99 Cleric

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