About Us

Gakusen is a Guild based on helping each other to grow and succeed in the game. It's all for one and one for all, no matter how experienced or inexperienced we are. most of our members are high level already yet they still help each oher. This Guild is like our own family.




  • Always be respectful to your fellow guild members.
  • Do not keep asking stuffs from high level guild members,they are not fariy godmothers to give you everything you need. This doesn't mean we won't help you, but we have things to do as well, and a little 'Please' and 'Thank you' goes a long way.
  • Do not tease or hurt your fellow guildmates with foul words.

Guide for Beginners


  • Go to Menu>Settings>Shortcuts to set up skills, equipment and items for quick usage.
  • Spina is obtained by selling items and completing some quests.
  • Hematite: refine lvl 1-3, Damascus Steel: refine lvl 4-6, Mythril: refine lvl 7
  • Talk to GM Neints in Rokoko city to full restore your HP and MP.


Upon reaching level 10, the option to change your class into either an Apprentice Warrior or an Apprentice Mage becomes available. At Level 20, you can graduate into a complete Warrior or Mage. To change classes, talk to Varuna at Fort Bailune, the starting town. Be careful when graduating from your apprentice class, since you can't change later on! It's important to note that apprentices can freely change their class as often as they like, so be sure to experiment to find what suits you best.

Class Description Preferred Stats Alternative Stats
Paladin Melee tank with buffs and heals Vit/Int/Str (Defensive) Vit/Str/Agi (Offensive)
Gladiator Melee DPS Str/Dex/Crt (Offensive) Str/Agi/Vit (Defensive)
Sniper Ranged class with buffs and status inflictions Dex/Crt/Agi (Offensive) Agi/Dex/Int(Defensive)
Assassin Ranged melee with buffs Agi/Crt/Str(Offensive) Agi/Crt/Int (Defensive)
High Wizard Magic DPS with elemental and ranged attacks Int/Dex/Crt (Offensive) Int/Dex/Vit (Defensive)
Enchanter Magic DPS with buffs Int/Dex/Crt (Offensive) Int/Dex/Vit (Defensive)
Bishop Magic tank with buffs and heals Int/Vit/Dex(Defensive) Int/Dex/Crt (Offensive)
Monk Melee mage with buffs and heals Crt/Agi/Str (Offensive) Agi/Crt/Int(Defensive)


Each class gets its own unique skills for use. Though classes do get skills automatically, there are some skills that need to be acquired through drops or quests. To equip a skill, go to Menu>Settings>Shortcuts.

List of Class Skills

The Stat Distribution

Stats max at 256, which gives you the opportunity to max a total of 3 stats at the max level, 295.

STR/STRENGTH increases physical attack power. ATK +3 with sword, ATK +2 with bow. ATK +1 with staff. Best for Gladiators INT/INTELLIGENCE increases mp, magic attack and magic defense. ATK +4 with staff, ATK +2.5 with magic book, ATK +2 with bow, ATK +1 with sword. Best for Wizards, Clerics, High Wizards, Enchanters, and Bishops. Good for Paladins. DEX/DEXTERITY increases accuracy and skill casting speed. ATK +2 with a bow, ATK +1.5 with sword and magic book. Best for Hunters and Snipers. Good for Mages.
VIT/VITALITY increases hp and defense. Best for Knights and Paladins AGI/AGILITY increases attack speed and evasion. Best for Hunters, Snipers, Assassins and Monks. Good for Gladiators CRIT/CRITICAL increases critical hit rate. Best for Assassins and Monks

Leveling Guide

Levels 1-10

  • From the moment you start the game, talk to Lowy and select chat to accept the main story quest. Check the temple ruins behind her, and then talk to Lowy again to return the chalice. This should give you enough exp to instantly reach Lvl 3. Afterwards, talk to Soraf and select chat for another quest, then talk to Telna and Dryon who are in Fort Bailune. Talk to Varuna to choose and weapon and for more exp.
  • At Bailune City, level up on Chako Lvl 3-4 (3-5 exp) until you reach about Lvl 5-7. Then level up in Micerne Plains on Colon Lvl 5-8 (7-13 exp), and Mooth Lvl 8-9 (13-15 exp) until Lvl 10. It is then recommended that you change to an apprentice class.

Levels 10-20

  • Level up on the Kijimu Lvl 13-14 (26-29 exp) (recommended for mages) and Nepheel Lvl 15 (33 exp) in Ronfa Mountains until about Lvl 15-18. Then level up on Goblin Lvl 17-18 (80-87 exp) in Rococo Tunnels until Lvl 20. It is then recommended that you change to a full class.

Levels 20-30

  • This is where it starts getting tougher. Level up on Goblin Lvl 20 (104 exp) until Lvl 25, then level up on the Skeleton Lvl 30 (204 exp), Mimic or the Gazer Lvl 31 (215 exp) (recommended for mages) in Forgotten Cave until Lvl 30. If you're a mage with high int, then you might also be able to take the Mucus Lvl 44 (198 exp) in Witch Hunter Woods.

Levels 30-50

  • Now that you can skele quest, leveling up gets way easier here. Talk to Varuna in Rokoko Plains and select the Forgotten Cave quest, then kill 30 skeletons to receive 4800 exp and 3 Revita M from him. At level 35, you can talk to Mash the Blacksmith in Rococo City and select the Blacksmith's Hobby quest, then kill 30 gargoyles for 5400 exp and 3 Damascus Steel. Just keep doing those quests over and over until you either get bored or stop receiving enough exp.

Levels 50-60

  • Leveling gets harder here again. If you're already tired with the Skeleton or Gargoyle quests, which do get boring pretty quickly, then go to Rococo Windhole B2 and level up on the Coatl Lvl 46-47 (430-447 exp), Argoteus Lvl 48 (464 exp) and Stone Golem Lvl 47 (447 exp). Everything but the Golems are aggressive here, so if your level is lower than the mobs you are fighting, you may be attacked by multiple of them at once.

Levels 60+

  • since Iruna is now Official there are many Quest have been added.
  • Equipments


  • Map


Main Story Quest

Quest Part NPC to talk With Reward Objectives
Chapter 1: Hidden in the Ashes
The Goddess's Chalice Lowy Chalice Check the Temple Ruins behind Lowy.
Dark Rumors Soraf Talk to Telna the Alchemist, then talk to Dryon the Blacksmith.
Monster Task Force Varuna Membership Card Kill 4 Colons, 4 Broschs, 2 Mooths, and a Kijimu.
Supply Route Shadows Tilia Tilia's Letter, Fever Reducer Talk to villagers in the Rokoko Mining Village; then get a Colon Bag to get water from Ronfa Mountains' springs (North East), and return it to Tilia.
Shadows in the Forest Tilia Meet Tilia in Micerne Plains, then go to the north east of the map. Monster Battle ensues. Your choice does not matter.
Mine Disaster Tilia Flash Ball, Goddess Medal, 320 exp Talk to Tilia in Fort Bailune. She sends you to the Rokoko Mining Village. Then talk to the Family. Go to the south end of the Rokoko Tunnels. Choose 'Arrest'. Battle Ensues. Talk to the villagers again. Go back to talk to Tilia
Goddess Statue at the Mine Soraf Crest Seal, 640 exp Go to the Rokoko Mining Village, and go to the south of the map where there is a pillar sticking out of the ground. Battle Ensues.
Chapter 2: Bizzare Encounter
Forgotten Shadow Varuna Blue Dragon Crystal, 1,280 exp Travel to the Fogotten Cave and defeat Ferzen, then return to Varuna.
Unclaimed Quest Alen Broken Crest, 2,560 exp Travel to the Rokoko Windhole and go into a teleport (55, 75). You'll go to a special field where you have to defeat some monsters. Return to Alen. Then talk to Varuna again.
Formless Being Tilia Ancient Scroll, 5,120 exp Kill 20 Dragnof, 20 Giant Beholder Gamma, 20 Goblin Rider, and 20 Chiro. Then return to Tilia.
Ancient Writings Alen Liphtograph Fragments (3), Liphtograph, 7,000 exp Find the lithograph Alen spoke of - in order - Rokoko Windhole: Lower Level [Walk into Portal] (57, 67) battle ensured, Suag Swamp (94, 100) battle ensured, Rokoko Plains (60, 120). Return to Alen. (Hint: They have a sparkle so they can't be hard to miss)
The Place of Darkness Alen Lithograph transcription, 10,000 exp Talk to Alen then Rita. Obtain Blue Stone, Glowing Dust, Living Statue, and return to Rita. Talk to Alen, Kady, Elder, and finally back to Alen.
Chapter 3: The Raging Battle
Obstructing the Alliance Venia Alliance Request Letter, Stolen Goods Map, Old Bracelet, Gold Vase, Bead Necklace, Proof of Alliance, Divine Necklace, 30,000 exp Talk to Venia. Defeat Dragist Thief(lv49), Dragist Mage(lv50), and Dragist Warrior(lv52) in Rokoko Windhole; near (85,152). Discover Slebinian Merchant in Rokoko Windhole: Lower Level, after taking teleporter near (84,14). Talk to Kady. Retrieve stolen items(one is where the Slebinian Merchant was) at marked locations in Rokoko Windhole(52,33),(37,57). Talk to Kady then Venia.
*Labyrinth of Fire Dragon Venia *Mysterious jewel, 52,000 exp Talk to Venia. Defeat Darkmoeba (lv60) in Scorched Tunnels near (36.124). Defeat Fire Dragon Blaiard (lv72). Talk to Venia.
Ancient Chalice Venia Right Key, 91,000 exp Talk to Venia. Talk to Alen. Then talk to Maya the Alchemist. Again talk to Alen. Then go to Lunite Village and talk to the villagers. Defeat Cerberus (lv62) in Telete Forest near (44.54). Talk to Elder. Retrieve the Right Key near (29,100) of Scorched Tunnels: Fire Path. Talk to Venia.
Chapter 4: The Ruler
Encroaching Darkness Venia 100,000 exp Talk to Venia. Talk to Rita. Then go to the Rokoko Plains. Battle of the Dark Knight (lv70) (you can not win, just finish the battle). Talk to Venia.
Battling the Dragon Lord Venia Darkness Gate Key, 110,000 exp Talk to Venia. Go to the Floating Island of the Dragon King and fight the Kaiser (lv99) (win or lose - it does not matter). Talk to Venia.
The Ruler Elder 120,000 exp Talk to Elder. Defeat Dark Griffin and Dark Warrior (lv64) near (38,38) in Dark Wastland
Chapter 5: Darkness and Light
A Witch's Honor - 140,000 exp, Unlock Dark Domain First, enter from Telete Forest to Suag Swamp, and a Cutscene will commence. Choose to Teleport and you will be moved to Rokoko plains to battle Three Dark Knights (lvl 70). Walk back from Suag Swamp to Telete Forest and you will combat two Fire & Ice Dark Worriors but cannot win. Go back and talk to Venia in Rokoko Plains, then to Elder in Lunite, then to Dryon the Blacksmith. (at this point 1 Mythril can be obtained from Mash the Blacksmith for 4,500 spina) You will need a Mythril, a Steel Jewel, and Weaponsmith Book (From Alan's Quest). Dryon the Blacksmith will forge the sword, take it to Maya in Rokoko. She will need 5 Bead Fragments, 30 Glowing Feathers, and 1 Gold Fragment (from kaiser). Talk to Rita and she will create the Holy Arm. Go back from Suag Swamps to Telete Forest and defeat the Fire & Ice Warriors. Talk to Venia when done. Then wave to Tenkei.
Godess of Darkness* - 165,000 exp, Unlock Dark castle Go to the great hall and Battle Vetendeth (Lvl 75). Midway through the battle, Vetendeth goes into Rage mode. He hits hard and fast. Make sure you have a solid party or high level Hunter with high AGI to tank.
Tears* - 200,000 exp Head to the third level of Dark Castle. Battle Fallen Angel Grecia (lvl 88) and Void Crystal (lvl 90). Tip: You only need to kill Void Crystal to finish the mission. Make sure to pull it away from Grecia to avoid aggro.
Chapter 6: Dark Clouds over the Capital
The Two Counsuls - 100,000 exp Go to the Nezim Marsh and a Cutscene with Venia will commence where he will give you a letter to deliver to Pino* in the Consulate in the Capital.
In the Shadow of the Capital - 120,000 exp Head back into Picnic Prairie Plains and you will view a Cut scene. Fight a Gilgobble (lvl 83). She will give you a letter to deliver to Venia.
Wetland Battle - 150,000 exp After you go to Nezim marshes, a battle will commence with three Dragil (lv85). A cut scene happens.
Chapter 7: Gulie's Covert Ops
Hole Lot of Wind Pino 210,000 exp Go to Sofya Outskirt there will be cut scene with a Girl. Go to Wind Cave and Defeat Sturm
Two Tales Pino 180,000 exp Talk to the all the people in Pub. Go back in Consulate and talk to the people in guilds area. Then Talk to Pino again (Mission Updated) . Talk to Sherau and Get 2 pure water from Enckels (lvl 66) in Wind Cave. Return to Sherau and handover the pure water. Go back to pino (earthquake occur).
Little Robber Girls Tears Pino 230,000 exp Go to Corda pass Bridge and a Cutscene happen. Engage battle with Toriton(lvl 74) and Shelfy(lvl 75). Co back to Sofya and Talk to Pino.
Chapter 8: Legacy of the Gods
Sea of Intrigue Pino 250,000 exp Go to Nidea Coast, cut scene. Talk to Zarla (need the following materials; 5 Hematite, 3 Ent Splinters and 1 Blue Feather). You will be teleported to Aero Island
Fort of Intrigue Pino 300,000 exp Go to Aero Island (cut scene). Kill Wizaleon at Floor 6.
Chapter 9: The Green Menace
Highway of the Devil Plants Pino 360,000 exp Go to Move near 175,154 on Starfall Road. Defeat Colon Tree.
The Burning Flatlands - 400,000 exp Defeat Burnos in Rolba Flatlands.
The Great Tree and The Dragon - 520,000 exp, Orichalcum, Super Revita (S) x12 Defeat Blauzen the Wind Dragon. Return to the Great Tree in Rolba Flatlands. Talk to Pino.
Chapter 10: The Ice Dragon and the Water Goddess
The Disappearing Lake Pino 550,000 exp Go to Karue Reef there will be a Cutscene with a girl named Neryl. Talk to and defeat Hydra up on the Hill. (118, 85)
Dust Cloud Dreams Isuza 570,000 exp, SP. Revita Ale x10 Go to Zalm Desert and talk to Isuza (64, 83) for a Cutscene. Talk to and defeat Bongea up ahead. (104, 82) Talk to Isuza.
From Ice to Water Isuza 640,000 exp, SP. Revita Ale x10 Defeat Ice Dragon Eisen in The Very Top of the Tower of Ice. Talk to Isuza. Talk to Pino.
Chapter 11: A Journey Unexplored
Highland Camp Pino 680,000 exp Go to Capital city Sofya and talk to pino, then go to Teschen Highslands and defeat Zolban
Awaiting Orders - 740.000 exp, After defeat Zolban you back to Wibo, go to Teschen Highslands and defeat Zolban and Halios, go talk to Saul at Wibo to end the mission
To a New Future - 300.000 exp Go to Teschen Highslands from Wibo city, cutscene. End of Episode 1…
Chapter 1: Country's Deal
- 320.000 exp Go to Canterino desert from Wibo city, then to SigmyValley
- 790,000 exp Go to Kilf Wilderness (68, 213). Gather machinary and strange medicine at (177, 177), then fight Maton (lvl100) at (84, 77)
Golden Idol Sitara 970,000 exp Chat with Sitara in Kleya City, talk to Inje Man twice (cut scene), then chat with Kubron. Defeat Fake Grecia (lvl 129), then talk to Kubron to get Golden Idol. Talk to Sitara.
Chapter 2: God of Opposition
Shadow of Slebenia - 1,200,000 exp Go to Bandit Lands (103,139) and fight 3 Goblins (lvl 100). Go to Geist Village and collect 3 machinery bits at (105, 146), (60, 132), and (137, 102). Go to Geist Alleyway and walk in the order right, right, left, right, right. Fight Lund (lvl 130), Tetro (lvl 133) and Guar (lvl 131).
Son of God - 1,500,000 exp Rescue the girl at Curonne Highway (218, 118) right before Saterika City. Talk to the President in Capital City Saterika. Defeat Agorakansu (lvl 134) at Lede Salt Lake (68, 126). Talk to the President at Capital City Saterika.
God Killing Trap Curonne 1,850,000 exp Talk to Curonne in Capital City Saterika President's Office. Get a letter from Curonne. Talk to Obligaus in Misruna Mt. Talk to Curonne again, then Obligaus again. Kill Shuringeru(?) in the Morga Zone, then chat with Curonne again.
Chapter 3: Chain of Conspiracy
Chain Crisis Curonne 2,860,000 exp Approach the throne in Capital City Saterika, President's Office. Kill the 3 Degizman (only the lvl 136 one is required) near Tolban Suburbs (114, 27), then return to the throne in Saterika. Converse with the foreman in Turnus mines (189, 179), then chat with the female miners at (200, 123), (50, 191), and (92, 143) in that order. Go to the mysterious light at (146, 153) and defeat Beruzedo(?). Chat with Curonne.

Warrior Quests

Use 'Quest' when talking to the NPCs

Quest Name NPC Reward Objective
Tilia's Death Move Tilia Level 2 Double Attack, Longblade Kill 10 Mimics and 10 Death Chiros. At least level 20 Required
Toughen Up Varuna Defense 2 (skill)
Regera (S)
Collect: 30 Cubic Fragments
Slay: 10 Gargoyles.
At least level 20 Required
Venia`s Challenge Venia Skill: Battle Mastery 3, 5000 Spina Bring him 5 Cockatrice Wing, 5 Mushroom Spore, 5 Black Fur.
Secret of Knight Sherau Berserk (skill)
Slay : 10 Grand Rocker, 10 Crapse, 10, Sotey, 10 Porge At least level 70 Required
Recovery of Art Knight Niriru Relax 2 (skill)
Collect : 1 Jagged Blade from Burnos. Slay : 5 Rakelter, 5 Apestle, 5 Fire Elemental At least level 100 Required

Mage Quests

Quest Name NPC Reward Objective
Rita Mana Mastery 3 Collect: 2 Glowing Dust, 3 Flower Nectar, 1 Obsidian At least level 20 Required
Maya's Request Maya the Alchemist Mana Wave 2, 10 Remagic (M) Collect: 5 Spent Evil Eye, 5 Mushroom Cap At least level 20 Required
Kady Mana Recovery 2 Collect: 10 Snake Skin, 10 Golem Shard
Kill: 5 Argoteus
At least level 20 Required

Hunter Quests

Quest Name NPC Reward Objective
Not all arrows are equal Tiel Fire Arrows, Wind Arrows, Earth Arrows, Water Arrows Fire Arrows : 6 Fire Beads (Vatendeth) + 10 Hellish Scale (Fire Dragon Blaiard) + 50 Broken Staff (Baum) + 30 Birds Wings (Chilring)
Not all arrows are equal Tiel Fire Arrows, Wind Arrows, Earth Arrows, Water Arrows Water Arrows : 6 Water Beads (Argoteus) + 32 Big Blue Fin (Argoteus) + 50 Broken Staff (Baum) + 30 Birds Wings (Chilring)
Not all arrows are equal Tiel Fire Arrows, Wind Arrows, Earth Arrows, Water Arrows Wind Arrows : 6 Wind Beads (Chilring) + 5 White Feathers (Harpy) + 50 Broken Staff (Baum) + 30 Birds Wings (Chilring)
Not all arrows are equal Tiel Fire Arrows, Wind Arrows, Earth Arrows, Water Arrows Earth Arrows : 6 Earth Beads (Ferzen) + 15 Blue Stone (Ferzen) + 50 Broken Staff (Baum) + 30 Birds Wings (Chilring)

Wizard Quests

Quest Name NPC Reward Objective
Stoking Fire Poker Maror Fire Lance 3 Having Bead a Fire (Vatendeth) and kill 10 and 10 Itamana Prox The Level.80 and job wizard is required.
Ice Stick Tricks Maror Ice Spear 3 have a Water Bead (Argoteus) and kill 10 and 10 Miwi Jewelry The Level.80 and job wizard is required.

Cleric Quests

Quest Name NPC Reward Objective
Progress of Recovery Synthesis Shop Merchant (Kleya) Kreis Heal 2 Kijimux10, Leopardx10, Tritailx5
Light in the Darkness Clail (Saterika) Holy Light 1 Strong Bone x50 (Kalchas), Touramaline x1 (Kalchas), Big Ears x10 (Latte), Clear Jelly x3 (Pulmo)
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