Gold Dragon

About GoldDragon

This Guild was Offically created by Lanvall. ^^ With help from old friends. As son of a Dragon we collectively help each other, have fun, farm bosses, grind exp and do Main Quest.

We are seeking new members!

Guild Level Lv42
Guild Skill Gathering Order Lv10
Guild Skill Tactical Order Lv2
Guild Skill Guild Storage Lv3

A New Dragon has been born. We all will grab the world as son of a Dragon .. Welcome home :D

Name Level Job
Teostra 250 High Wizard
Name Level Job
Lanvall 192 Paladin
nono_ui 237 Ninja
BDS_bon2 246 Bishop
FizRetar 188 Bishop
Ebiie 175 Paladin
Evania 200 Enchanter
kacchan 192 Bishop
Nono2 140 Sniper
Brama' 186 High Wizzard
Aleesya 182 Sniper
Rin 211 Enchanter
GD_Pldn 165 Paladin
Tokisaki 200 High Wizzard
Rori 189 High Wizzard
Imanda 173 Samurai
chio 231 High Wizzard
Akantoru 226 Minstrel
Dioblos 165 Ninja
Mevally 143 Assasin
Staryu 176 Ninja
Lunastra 160 Monk
GD_Bon 153 Ninja

Name Level Job Name Level Job
Sakura 147 High Wizzard Frei 105 Cleric
.Izu. 186 High Wizzard Zakk 158 High Wizzard
Riznedge 160 Ninja Autumn 59 Apprentice Knight
nick18 228 Bishop bigbang! 150 Ninja
rem9 160 Paladin Adien 186 Monk
aidel 159 High Wizzard blew 51 Mage
Snow 178 Bishop ^Exo's^ 187 High Wizzard
Razeca 164 Ninja Jorush 116 Knight
Lmini 191 Ninja Lust 144 Assasin

Tam_owen Kilzal Santicy Nick Razy-san nick20
Acedia Nick19 Kertus Timspark apark101 Zats07
fraener ^Neko's^ Sky Matuak
Zello zehell ^Kuro^
Vegard Bigbang Wolf.J Loida
Cattie Princesa VANNY
Are you a Dragon?
(Note: We recently cleaned house on our inactive members. If you were a part of Gold Dragon, and were dismissed, you can always contact one of the ranking officers to be recruited back in. To be included on this guild page you must be active and show initiative. Inactive people will be removed.)


Read carefully ^^ For all members

Special Rules
1. Master's orders must be obeyed.
2. Master will not interfere with minor problems. Officers and Veterans will handle them.
3. Respect fellow members. To get respect is to give respect, giving respect is to get respect.
4. Loyalty above all else.
5. No begging. You will learn the experience from zero until you become a hero.
6. If you need help ask a guild member! (For boss or Etc) Make sure to ask the helper if they have spare time to do so.
7. Please be active once a week to make sure you still play Iruna! ^^
8. Be mature. Be nice. Be useful. Be Independent.
9. NO : Scamming and/or Bashing.

For news member that have problems leveling check this out! Leveling Guide or Leveling Guide

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Open recruitment. If u want to join, you can ask **GuildMaster** Directly.

1. All people are welcome in this guild ^^,
2. Try to be active once a week. This helps us weed out one time players.
3. English Speaker.(if you can)

Contact Guild

Email: Coming soon ^^
Line messenger : Coming soon ^^
Facebook Groups: GoldDragon
Forum Site: GoldDragon

(Sorry if we cant add some special character nicknames because it is hard to type it :3)

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