Grand Pegasus

"We ride under the darkness - and battle before sunrise"

[Guild Created in: 25th June 2013]

Current Anouncement

The Guild is completely under reform - also in need of cleaning up, and recruiting new members - who is willing to be active within the guild.
- Vosien [Ist July - 2013]

Rules / Guild Policy

Those who break them, will be kick out immediately
1. Main rules:
Racism - Harassment - Spamming - Or other forms of Cyber Bullying : Is completely outlawed!

This rule not be taken lightly if it's found broken, but I do not strictly judge base on a written report - and expect to hear both sides of the story.
Once a judgement is settled - and the final outcome results you breaking any of the rules, expect yourself banned from the guild.
However if the victim, reported a false issue - he/she, will also be expected to be banned from the guild.

2. Must be active
You have to be at least be active once every two weeks. Improvements can be seen through levelling up, or interaction within the guild. Even if you are busy or having problems in real life - please notify the guild master, your facing issues in real life, and the case will be dropped.
3. Have fun
Honestly Iruna Online, is to go on an adventure and become the strongest player. I do not expect to take this guild seriously - but left under my care - I don't have the heart to disband it.


Still under construction:- however the leader for now is 'Vosien' - still a nood lvl 39
However - I do aim for a small guild - like 10 to 20 people, I'll free completely content with.

Everything else is still under contrustion - thanks for reading though

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