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Hello human. There's nothing much here, because Vix is editing this and her coding skills are as good as… potato.


Guild level: Currently 23, soon to be 24 :3
-Portal set to Rokoko City
-Guild Link active (Boost status proportional to skill level)
-Gathering orders level 8
-Storage inactive
-Item distribution inactive
-Tactical orders inactive


Name Job
Roden 116


Name Job
Anthrax(R) Knight

** Veterans**

Name Job Name Job Name Job
Antharax Apprentice Wizard Ch/g Apprentice Wizard Antonyo Apprentice Hunter
Dvlgirl Apprentice Wizard *DOZER* Warrior Willingl Mage
Hailbeat Mage Vixen Mage Cyber.. Warrior
Kiara.D Apprentice Mage Thenesis Wizard NEMESI$ Apprentice Wizard
W@rstryk Apprentice Hunter


Name Job Name Job Name Job
BaronZ Mage Nagashi Mage mOCha~<3 Mage
Faye03 Apprentice Hunter Alex.js Warrior Teshi Apprentice Knight
Lazzara Warrior asdf105 Warrior Dant1423 Warrior
Warrior Lovely Mage HitoAiri Warrior
MrKush Warrior Meion Warrior Malak Mage
Pukkanut Warrior Rafael12 Apprentice Wizard llacell Apprentice Warrior
Frenchi Warrior Salara Warrior MiShaII Apprentice Hunter
mariania Apprentice Mage BUSCUSJR Mage Adventurer
Hellboy Warrior Warrior Jfz19 Warrior
hferdavs Adventurer Tenfudo Apprentice Mage kai0727 Warrior
Hen Apprentice Warrior Sylvia;) Adventurer Zajid Warrior
Chichisa Apprentice Wrrior Syv Apprentice Mage muy Mage
Sujin Adventurer Vetrag Warrior NunB Arentice Warrior
Bonbon22 Apprentice Warrior Melecio2 Warrior Swordcd Warrior
HolyLanc Apprentice Warrior Asiev Warrior yrgfbhf Adventurer
GTR Apprentice Hunter HighMage Mage Tuyoshi Warrior
Adventurer Bakus Apprentice Knight Kameko Mage
Haze1 Apprentice Warrior Apprentice Cleric Samih Warrior
ItsDavid Apprentice Mage Miwi_Hat Apprentice Mage ReeseJ Warrior
GodSeiya Warrior Gwapoako Mage Siren Adventurer
Angelo<3 Apprentice Warrior

I have omitted some special / non English characters because I'm awesome (lazy) like that.
And I have also omitted levels because they change as rapidly as heck. -Vix


Nothing here yet, ey.

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