Welcome to the Griever Guild Page!!
We are no ordinaire people you see everyday. We are a Legendary, Extraordinary guild! We are a friendly and social guild that strives to be the very best!


To join the Grievers you must be:

  • Friendly
  • Sociable
  • Helpful (NOT always)
  • Level
  • Active
  • Treat each other like a family

Guild BAN List

Fortunately there is no one on this list for now but people will be on this list if they break any of the guild rules so be aware of following the guild rules. Failure to follow guild rules will result in first warning then if persistance is still carried on you will be banned from.the guild and your name will be acknowledged on this list.

List of Recruiters!

If you are having a hard time finding someone to invite you to Griever dont fret! We have a number of veterans and officers that are active and will invite you if you give them a specific time and place! Or you can just post on our forums thread if you want to say where you want us to meet you! Heres the list of recruiters


We currently have no events going on right now but there are some bound to be coming soon! So be ready for upcoming guild events!


We go around from.time to time taking casual poses or doing a group photos scheduled at times when we try our best to make it available to everyone to come to it. Come on your missing out on the fun! Join us as soon as possible and you could be in these photos like this!

Squalls Interview

So what are you waiting for??!?! JOIN today before it becomes too late for you! We also have a palringo chat to be coming to our page soon! So we hope we can recruit you guys because you will only witness extraordinaire in this guild :D

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