Welcome to the Guild XIII wiki page! We are currently a Level 24 guild, with many friendly, helpful members.


Our guild officers are great people, and are always willing to help out when they are available. Feel free to chat or send emails with questions or ask for help in the game.

Name Job Rank Avatar
Zoro21 Knight Guild Master x
Siz. Ninja Officer x
CHIPCHIP Apprentice Bishop Officer chipchip.jpg
sheannyL Wizard Officer Screenshot_2014-01-29-11-05-53.png
gob17 Cleric Officer Screenshot_2014-01-28-17-10-59.png
HitoBito Hunter Officer hito.jpg
BITBIT Wizard Officer bitbit.jpg
Moyashi Cleric Officer 2014-01-23.jpg


We're an easy-going guild for the most part, but a few things should be kept in mind:

  • Be kind: no verbal abuse will be tolerated, try not to get grumpy with each other either. We're all here to have a good time.
  • Be reasonable: ask for help, but if someone says they can't help, believe them, don't get angry.
  • We will help you progress in the game, but except in special cases, we will not do it for you. We want to help you become better players.
  • Contribute to the game and the guild, don't just take. If your only interaction with the guild is insisting we get stuff for you, your requests will be ignored. We're a community, not a vending machine.

Helpful Info

Here is some helpful information for new players, to get you started on the right foot:

  • You can get a free coin item from the Item Shop each day. Go to the Item Shop (when you first open the Iruna app, you have 3 choices: Start Game, Information, and Item Shop), choose the 180 coin treasure box, and click the button to get one free.
  • Each consecutive day that you log in to the game, you get a Colon Stamp. Once you get 5 stamps, you can go to the Item Store, click on Top Page, and then click on Login Stamp Card to get a free random Coin Item. The stamp card will then reset the next day and start counting again.
  • Once you can get to Rokoko City, visit Maya the Alchemist each day, "Chat" with her, and have her tell your fortune. This will (usually) improve your drop rates and experience gain.
  • When you are in a city, go to Menu->Community->Guild->Guild Skill->Guild Storage. This is a storage area where guild members can put items they don't need, to be taken by other guild members. Feel free to take what you find there if it would be useful for you, and put things in if you think they would be useful for someone else.
  • Forming parties to fight boss battles or to farm items from monsters is a great idea. You can all then attack the same monsters/boss, and everyone in the party will get a drop from it. You can team up on most boss battles to give yourself a better chance of success. The only downside is that the experience for each monster/boss will be split between party members.

Useful Quests

Here are a few quests to start off with that can be useful for gaining levels fast near the beginning of the game.

  • Herb-Eating Monsters from Telna in Fort Bailune.
  • Colon-skin Bag from Family in Rokoko Mining Village.
  • The Forgotten Cave from Venia in Rokoko Plains.
  • Impromptu Arrows from Nepherta in Capital City Sofya. (You can start farming Broken Staffs from Baum in Rokoko Plains for this one even before you can get the quest, you can get 22,500 exp for 1 stack of Broken Staffs)
  • Blacksmith's Hobby from Mash in Rokoko City.

Useful Monsters for Grinding

  • Poke in Rokoko Plains
  • Skeleton in Forgotten Cave
  • Flame Rocker in Scorched Tunnels
  • Dark Warrior in Dark Wasteland


If you have suggestions for things to add to this page, feel free to send mail to HitoBito in game with your suggestion(s). Thanks for playing!

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