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Alen: Rokoko City's chief (66,115)
Dyron the Blacksmith: Fort Bailune's blacksmith (81,75)
Elder: Lunite Village's chief (90,92)
Family: Rokoko Mining Village (98,57)
Lowy: Bailune City (54,31)Man: Rokoko Mining Village (36,34)
Rita: Witch Hunter Woods (94, 50)
Solaf: Bailune City (95,70)
Telna the Alchemist: Fort Bailune's synthetist (76,6)
Tyria: Bailune's chief in Fort Bailune (27,62)
Varuna: Fort Bailune (142,60)

MISSIONS _uncompleate___

Part 1

Chapter 1

Chat Lowy in Bailune City.
Find a chalice in the Temple's Ruins behind Lowy (53,22), then report to Lowy.

Talk Soraf in Bailune City.
Go then in Bailune City and talk to Telna the alchemist and Dyron the Blacksmith in Bailune city.

Chat Varuna in Fort Bailune.
You will have some targets: 5 colons, 5 broschs, 2 mooths, 1 kijimu.
Kill them and report to Varuna.

Chat Tyria in Fort Bailune.
Go then to rokoko mining village, and chat the man at the entrance.
Farm a colon bag (from colons lvl 5), and find the hotspring in ronfas mountain (112,8).
Report to Tyria.

Walk from Bailune to Micerne Plains.
After the clip, defeat a brosch lvl 15 summoned by girls from Diel village (143,45).

Chat Tyria in Fort Bailune.
Go in Rokoko Mining Village, and chat the man at entrance then talk to family.
Go then in Rokoko Tunnels, and defeat 3 goblins (25,98).
Report toTyria.

Chat Soraf in Bailune City.
In Rokoko Mining Village, go to the stone near goblins lvl 10 (63,125). Defeat the goblins brothers.

Chapter 2

Chat Alen in Rokoko City.
Go to Rokoko Windhole and take a shining port (54,75). Defeat the 3 dragists.
Report to Alen, then to Varuna in Bailune.

Chat Tyria in Fort Bailune.
You will have 4 targets; defeat 20 dragnofs, 20 goblins riders, 20 chiros and 20 boulders gammas.
Kill them and report to Tyria.

Chat Alen in Rokoko City.
Go to Rokoko Windhole (second level) and take an other shining teleport near Temple's entrance (55,68). Defeat the Golem.
Go then in Saug Swamps. Defeat a basilic attacking minors (94,103).
Walk to rokoko plains, and find a shining hole (57,116)
Report to Alen.

Chat Alen in Rokoko.
Talk then to Rita in Witch Hunter Woods.
Targets: 1 living statue (gargoyles), 1 blue stone (ferzen), 1glowing dust (roars).
Report to Rita in Witch Hunter Woods.
Chat then to Alen, Kady, Elder, and finally back to Alen.

Chapiter 3

Talk to Venia. Defeat Dragist Thief (lv49), Dragist Mage (lv50), and Dragist Warrior (lv52) in Rokoko Windhole (near 85,152). Discover Slebinian Merchant in Rokoko Windhole: Lower Level, after taking teleporter near (84,14). Talk to Kady. Retrieve stolen items (one is where the Slebinian Merchant was) at marked locations in Rokoko Windhole. Talk to Kady then Venia.

Chat Venia in Rokoko plains.
Defeat purple moeba boss at entrance of burning caves.
Defeat fire dragon in Burning Cave
Report to Venia.

Chat Venia in Rokoko Plains.
Talk then to Elder, Alen, Maya and back to Alen.
Defeat Cerberus in Territe Forest (near 44,54).
Chat Elder then return to fire dragon, and escape battle.
Chat Venia.

Chapiter 4

Chat Venia in Rokoko Plains.
Chat Rita, then walk to rokoko plains. A soldier get on your way.You have to fight him, but you can't win the battle with the soldier.
Report to Venia.

Chat Venia in Rokoko Plains.
Try to defeat Kaiser in Floating Island (You can win or lose)
Report to Venia.

Chat Elder in Lunite Village.
You will be teleport in moon. Go in a portal (37,37) and defeat Gryphon and dark warrior.

Chapter 5

Walk from Territe Forest to swamps, then go to rokoko plains. Fight 3 dark warriors. Return to Territe forestm and fight a lvl 65 boss. Talk then to Venia in Rokoko Plains. Talk then to elders in Lunite Village then ** and Dyron. Farm 1 gold fragment, 1 mythril and 1 weaponsmith book. Chat Maya in Rokoko Town.

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