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Guild Regulations

Please be mindful of how your conduct in-game represents the guild to others. We build a reputation by how we treat one another within the guild, as well as our manner towards all Iruna players.

We are here to help each other! Don't be afraid to ask if you're stuck with something. :) But please, also use your best judgement when requesting assistance from others. Do not ask repeatedly for help with an activity you are capable of completing yourself. When you do ask, be sure to express appreciation for any help you receive, and return the favor to others.

Any questions or concerns, don't be afraid to let your Guildmasters know! Message AlexaZ or Dominate.

Harrassing other players, spamming guild chat, or rude behavior will result in corrective action:

  • 1st offense will range from a warning to guild removal, depending on the offense.
  • 2nd offense is guild removal.


The most convenient way for me to disseminate important guild/game info to you guys is through Facebook, so please keep an eye on our Facebook page at the very least. :)

Heroes of Ruin on Facebook
Heroes of Ruin on Twitter

How to join:

We are always looking for great players to add to our team. If you would be interested in joining, a brief interview with a Guildmaster is required to determine whether our guild would be a good fit for you. Please contact AlexaZ or Dominate in-game, or send a message via our Facebook page here to set up an appointment. Thanks for your interest! :)

Event Calendar

Mission Mania!
We need to start making sure everyone has the help they need to complete mission quests. It's great XP, yes, but also it's important for everyone to have access to as many maps as possible. Dom and I are discussing organizing an event to try to help everyone through as many missions as possible in one day. I will post more info as we figure out the details. :)

Noob challenge! (contest closed: Congratulations, Zergling!)
Levels 35 and below: First to solo Ferzen wins 50,000 spina! A Guildmaster must be present to witness your kill

X-mas Rapid Fire contest! (contest closed: Congratulations, Outlaw!)
Solo Blaiard, and win a Rapid Fire! A Guildmaster must be present to witness your kill ;)

Guild & Rankings

(last updated: 2/12/2013)

Guild Masters

AlexaZ Dominate


Honu Outlaw14 Zauriel Randgris Riaan+_+


pent paulu Ginny Sylphy© Hiemdol Bakilla
ArcVin LVG ZynaruSa {]°_°[} PSY Event
Fearmau5 Neversum highluis Hempster IntMan sharecha
Skiron death13r CrosserX Gneiss lorellei VikyLove
Zyle samird alec% Twank Nymeria


*Nia* Chaze25 Paktra Savier {HOR}LVG hybrid13 d€lusion
Solitia amber28 sparCy Asuraa30 Hawkeye7

Guild Bank (H€R0)

Any items you would like to donate to the guild, send in attachment to H€R0. (You can do this by going to Community > Mail > Write Mail, then tap addressee box, scroll across to "guild" and scroll down to H€R0's name.)

H€R0's Inventory (as of 2/12):

Item Qty
Revita (S) 5
Revita (M) 97
Remagic (XS) 40
Remagic (M) 44
Poison Mushroom 16
Cooked Meat 12
Double Attack 3 Manual 2
Recovering MP 3 1
How to Heal 3 9
Insult Book 2 1
Spent Evil Eye 168
Patterned Plate 30
Blue Stone 20
Flower Nectar 8
Living Statue 4
Fluffy Fur 94
Glowing Feather 32
Glowing Dust 19
Weaponsmith Book 7
Old Medical Text 4
White Feather 4
Gold Fragment 6
Dark Splinter 99
Ancient Text 1
Broken Golden Rod 45
Obsidian 1
Leather Armor 1
Pieny Wings 4
2 Bladed Halberd 1
Chainmail 1
Ancient Helm 2
Red Barrette 1
Bead Fragment 8
Hematite 69
Damascus Steel 22
Mythril 7
Wind Bead 32
♦CRT+1 3
♦STR+1 3
♦DEX+1 2
♦DEF+2% 4
♦MaxMP+30 8
♦INT+1 6
♦MP regen+3 72
♦VIT+1 73
♦Hit+20 4
♦MaxMP+5% 2
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