Guild Skills Activated:


Guild Requirements:

◦ Must be level 70 or above
◦ Must abide by the Terms of Service

Guild Rules:

NO Scamming
DO NOT Harass other Guild Members
DO NOT Take Part in Arguments with Say/Guild/Shout/Trade
NO Begging for Free Gear, However, Asking for help to farm is acceptable

Our guild's main focus is to have fun and treat each other like family/close friends. There is no room for selfishness or arrogant people in this guild. Respect for each other is paramount, even though we like to joke around a lot, we maintain a level of respect for one another. Iruna can get very tedious at times, so we try to keep the guild's atmosphere happy. Most of us like to focus on leveling or boss partying for drop, so it's not have to find a party for such things. People will come and go depending on game updates and real life issues, we know this. So recruiting is a big part of keeping any guild active. We hope to see your name on the guild list soon and WELCOME in advance!

Name Level Class Rank
√oothy 165 Apprentice Gladiator GM
Voothy 165 Apprentice Assassin GM
Coralian 160 Apprentice Paladin Officer
Dordan 162 Apprentice Paladin Officer
TTSBJ 161 Apprentice Gladiator Officer
Tilt 130 Apprentice Bishop Officer
magez 138 Apprentice High Wizard Officer
<3Jenny<3 164 Apprentice Bishop Officer
Tattwo 160 Apprentice Enchanter Veteran
krisyani 123 Apprentice Gladiator Veteran
Nixie 123 Apprentice Bishop Veteran
K.Dee 140 Apprentice Assassin Veteran
©§¤£¤© 151 Apprentice Assassin Veteran
K4u2s0h 143 Apprentice High Wizard Veteran
CORALIAN 160 Apprentice High Wizard Veteran
MikeChee 165 Apprentice High Wizard Veteran
Crokco 151 Apprentice Assassin Veteran
<3Yufa<3 136 Apprentice Bishop Veteran
Chigto 139 Apprentice High Wizard Veteran
Takeo 109 Cleric Veteran
Prisseia 162 Apprentice Bishop Veteran
<3Lovely<3 118 Cleric Veteran
Daimaou 156 Apprentice Bishop Veteran
Vzv 161 Apprentice Paladin Veteran
Peichu 142 Apprentice Bishop Veteran
xSinNeDz 153 Apprentice High Wizard Veteran
VEDDER 142 Apprentice High Wizard Veteran
Patrik 154 Apprentice Paladin Veteran
GienZ 156 Apprentice High Wizard Veteran
Monk_G 160 Apprentice Monk Veteran
Mor@is 156 Apprentice Gladiator Veteran
Kamari 161 Apprentice Sniper Veteran
Dante— 156 Apprentice Monk Veteran
Jorgar 129 Apprentice Paladin Veteran
GUREN 132 Apprentice High Wizard Veteran
Hope 158 Apprentice Paladin Veteran
Rikens 137 Apprentice Paladin Veteran
kentshin 147 Apprentice Assassin Veteran
RGienR 155 Apprentice Bishop Veteran
Galran 150 Apprentice Sniper Veteran
LadiLuck 142 Apprentice Bishop Veteran
xXNellXx 141 Apprentice Assassin Veteran
Neris 109 Cleric Veteran
smackk 160 Apprentice High Wizard Veteran
iMercy 132 Apprentice Bishop Veteran
Monkey 151 Apprentice Monk Veteran
HashHit 128 Apprentice Paladin Veteran
AsiaBaby 153 Apprentice Bishop Veteran
madcow42 163 Apprentice Gladiator Veteran
swat4pro 105 Cleric Veteran
titiwaff 127 Apprentice Sniper Veteran
TiltTM 107 Knight Veteran
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