Iruna Knights

We are the

Iruna Knights

And we are Iruna's greatest guild AND family


We are the knights of King Evilios, a kind and SLIGHTLY headstrong guild leader. A formidable guild whom help each other and play together, the Knights have fun in every way they can during this game. We smile, crack jokes and enjoy ourselves


  1. Please don't cause the family duress, you will be thrown out for it.
  2. Have fun and enjoy the game.
  3. Keep it simple.
  4. Daily Logins if Possible


  • Daily Boss Farm : (Ferzen till False Grecia)
  • We will be meeting up in Rokoko city on the 24th, (America/Canadian) Please Attend
  • (Feel free to insert events here)


This part is for those whom wanna offer there services to those who need it. Please if you have no trouble doing so, place you're name in below

  • €vilios
  • Stars

Also we will also notify you of any events to get easy EXP. Place the Name and Details of the event down here please

  • Refinement ( Sitara) 67k exp per quest. Lv1-50.
  • Main Quest : Lv50- 130.

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