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-- Hi Juan Republicans --
tumblr_m5xdj4NNXO1qzac3j.png simple lang basta pinoy ka Join ka agad ^_^

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JuAn Republic Members


Name Level Job Position
Drakkal 120 Cleric Master


Name Level
sumamiki 90 Hunter
NvermoRe 90 Wizard
ladygaga 107 Knight
warstryk 97 Hunter
Baby.11 103 Wizard
dAsHeRo7 80 Knight
leworf 94 Wizard


Name Level Job
davexax 77 Hunter
F.wod|hS#F.wod|hS 69 Apprentice Hunter
ladygene 70 Cleric
Barbie 76 Wizard
galejohn 77 Knight
SyDLuna 73 Knight
xBasti 67 Apprentice Hunter
Wodota17 69 Apprentice Knight
«gian» 75 Wizard
JDryll 75 Hunter
Legolas 42 Warrior
JaH'KAL 51 Apprentice Knight
'rhine 59 Apprentice Cleric
.Deliora 37 Warrior
<3Baby11<3 59 Apprentice Cleric
«SoCo» 50 Apprentice Hunter
WArStryk 34 Mage
pakyu 51 Apprentice Knight
w@rstryk 45 Warrior
thonie03 61 Apprentice Wizard
*SyDLuna 34 Warrior
mabsimyk 20 Adventurer
renz27 49 Warrior
.LheTy. 58 Apprentice Hunter
S~Swagg 16 Adventure
tangina 17 Apprentice


Masaya kulang pa absent ung iba ^^

Guild Events 4/12/13

CONGRATZ! sa mga winners ng 1st guild event..
1st: mabsimyk <—- penge ako picture mo haha

2nd: barbie 733756_434359349992397_1006770027_n.jpg

3rd: xbasti 578707_589759811036350_2137444656_n.jpg

Sa mga d nagwagi my next time pa naman! Pero thanks din for being a good sport and for participating in the event..
Keep it up! and More Power sa Juan Republic!!

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