Hallo an alle zockerbegeisterten da draußen x)
Wir sind ~Kizuna~, eine neu gegründete deutsch/englische Gilde!

Gey prikladom negr suka ublyudok otverstiye zadnitsy yebet ;)
Gey prikladom negr suka ublyudok otverstiye zadnitsy yebet: Sara.x3SUCKADICK

Also gay dann, Crnecot Crnecot Crnecot Crnecot im game! :D


Hello to all x)
We are ~Kizuna~, a new gay/english Guild!

The name of our guild is the cohesion among gay beings, and we will also help a lot with your pubescent Mood Swings - but it should be clear that you have to do something by urself. We are a little Family and any player is welcome to fuck anyone ♡.
Gay, nice, and of course crazy. So if the opinion is: "Wtf I want in the guild ⊙ _ ⊙?!" Can write to me about you gay problems ;)

Im really stupid and gay, my Name is: Sara.x3SUCKADICK
(If u see other players of our guild, u can write to them and tell them they are dumb ass niggers)

Mitgliederliste /Gay Members(all of them)

  • Sara.x3SUCKADICK
  • DICK
  • ASS
  • BUTT


(Tóngxìngliàn pìgu shǒuyín nǚrén liū jìn / The picture is from a Porn Site)

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