Knights of Iruna

Official guild page for Knights of Iruna
We are gonna try to be the funnest and best guild possible
oh and if you have any suggestions on what to add to this page message me in game ^.^


current members

Linkdude guildmaster
Benjamin officer
kevana vet
EvgenRus member
Bradskee member
Glitx member
achan member
prem01 member
Titan1um member
Wizardry member
XepherXV member
Ashley93 member
akira972 member
Relina member
mylifax member
magin member
Matsuzu member
Modded member
Sadoon member
Treasure member
Imus member

also remember we are always trying to be helpful ask someone if u need help
or information and be sure to help others as well ^.^
and please remember we are still growing thanks!

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