Welcome to the *Lunar* Guild page!

We are a fairly new guild and everyone is invited to join :)

LunarEclipse.gif 20121226_basket02.jpg Thomas_Knoblauch_-_Lunar_Eclipse_small-43img_(pd) The moon and Kuroko no Basket are my two favourite things ;)


Username Rank Job
Luna99 Leader Apprentice Hunter
Sunayare Officer Warrior
K0M3T Veteran Mage

And the list will keep growing!


I will assign you to veteran after you have reached lvl 40 and have been with the guild for more than a week
I will assign you to officer after you have reached lvl 70 and have been with the guild for more than 2 weeks
There have been a few exceptions to these rules but that is simply because in the last guild i was in the masters account got deleted so I made him an officer in *Lunar* and one of the members a veteran

Guild Rules

Unfortunately there are a few rules for the guild that MUST be followed under ALL circumstances

  • First off NO, absolutely NO verbal abuse! If I find out about any of this I will have to ban the culprits from the guild :(
  • Second, NO begging and bugging other members for equipment and what not (It can be quite annoying!)
  • Also, please no harassing other guild members in anyway
  • If the opportunity arises you are encouraged to help other guild members but you do NOT have to (Especially if rule number 2 is involved)
  • Please do NOT spam the guild chat, if you can, try to keep your chatting to TELL or SAY or MAIL if you are just talking about nothing in particular to one person
  • No sassing your guild master *cough* Trojax *cough* Hehe~
  • Finally, Have a good time with the guild and enjoy each others company :)

If you are ever looking to contact anyone in the guild we can mostly be found in Wasseria, I am always there and everyone else is usually there too so send me a message if you wanna talk to me or message Sunayare or K0M3T about guild stuff OR if you can't find any of us you can always email me at: moc.liamtoh|eerhtrehtaef#moc.liamtoh|eerhtrehtaef but I do not suggest because I do not check my email very often :)

1310221_100504081531_thank-you-173.gif Thank you for checking out my guild page! :)
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