Onii Chan S Guild

Onii-chan's guild for little brothers and sisters. We are a family and together we will take on the forces of evil!
I vow to protect my little sisters and brothers from enemies whenever I can. To join, you must meet certain
requirements. They are as listed:

1. Must be lvl 20 or less when you join
2. Must be a relative noob…this is a guild for younglings, after all!
3. Must be willing to call Azarathe "Onii-chan"
4. Ask for equipment often…Onii-chan can usually deliver you free items, or buy you them from other players
5. Help recruit other players into the guild, but only if Onii-chan asks you specifically to.

That's it! Onii-chan usually hangs around 3 places: Ronfa Mountains, Sofya City, or Rokoko Plains. See him to
be recruited as one of his newest little brothers or sisters!

Onii-chan (Azarathe) will not be online for a long time. I apologize to all guild members for the inconvinience.
I will miss you all :'-(

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