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Guild Master

Name Class
juzum Apprentice Assassin


Name Class
pope Knight
RinDew Cleric
Sigma Knight
Seed Cleric
xifai Hunter
igotbud Cleric
VA$H wizard
TakahashiRena Knight
pendahuu Apprentice Sniper
JinnArch Knight
Zeryl Apprentice Bishop


Name Class
Molly Apprentice Cleric
MageKari Cleric
Azdragon Knight
Shikieki Cleric
Sylmeria Knight
seeker71 apprantice high wizard
Potan Hunter
Balamb.G Apprentice High Wizard
RomeoS wizard
Stef1826 hunter
YUAN wizard
igotweed Apprentice Knight
Makeem Apprentice Paladin
sdran Hunter
'Michen Wizard
Naiad Wizard
xXLedahx Apprentice Gladiator
Ice240 Cleric
Echo Wizard
rinsan hunter


Name Class
kanibul Warrior
Tierani Mage
CLOUD99 Apprentice Knight
TouchU Mage
Lochlayn Mage
nobel Warrior
Malaki Warrior
ZtankX Warrior
renoowen Mage
AniraMel Apprentice Knight
Kino20 Apprentice Cleric
Infrid Apprentice Knight
Numtoes Apprentice Knight
yurike Mage
loolaa Warrior
$igma Warrior
windian Apprentice Knight
pandah Apprentice Hunter
Lilwardy Apprentice Knight
.lady. Apprentice Knight
Ranee Warrior
Iridian Mage
BEyL Mage
Shealeha Cleric
Akriel warrior
TmS Warrior
d&j Apprentice Mage
version1 Adventurer
Autume Apprentice Warrior
asleep mage
Neriad Apprentice Mage
NAT-T23 Apprentice Mage
Hal Cleric
sonny Apprentice Warrior
Maxim0 warrior
Haruna apprantice warrior
KazeRa Knight
$tampede Mage
Tamashi Warrior
michiey Apprentice Hunter
joechamp Adventurer
bubuzuke Apprentice Knight
flowzy Mage
Nymphy Warrior
Kiros.S Hunter
~Taeyeon Warrior
kasey141 Mage
Jazum° Cleric
*Megan* Apprentice Mage
mcguff Apprentice Warrior
gregoryt Wizard
Garent Apprentice Hunter
xpoL Hunter
Voze apprantice knight
creatus Knight
{Wizard} Wizard
Stefie18 wizard
crazyred Adventurer
Astarote Mage
baskila Warrior
¥Amiyah¥ Mage
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