.The Order of Cruor.

The Order Of Cruor

"Protecting the Defenseless"

Founding- The First week of October 2014

  • Current Events
  1. None at the moment
  • Future Events
  1. Xmas Event
  2. Various Events
  • Guild Master

Leo.De.X/Z (Wizard>High-Wizard)/(Knight>Paladin)

  • Officers

Buraku (Also Second in Command)(Warrior>?)

  • Vets
Meant to collect new members to the guild and show an elevation in rank

Anyone over level 10 at this point

  • Memebers

Just a member

Leveling guide

30 +

Officer Test
1. Have Veteran rank and be higher than level 20
2. Be a regular Guild member
3. No Felonious acts to guild or guild members
4. Not blacklisted by entire guild (unlikely but possible)
5. Have studied what an officer does

~The First Test
-Courts now in session
A short trial shall be done by the guild-master or officer deciding if said member is worthy of title and has general knowledge on how to play

~The Second Test
-Recruiter/Scavenger/ Creator
First said member will choose what test they wish to take then they will either search for
1. A new member to join the guild
2. 3 items found from 3 separate monsters
3. Craft an a set of items requiring several different items (depends on class)

~The Final Test
-Fight to the Death
Now the member must show their skill in battle and fight a boss (by themselves) appropriate to their level

Level 20-49
Goblin smite
kill 30 goblin in a set amount of time

Level 50-69
Ferzen x 2
Level 70-99
Lord of Nezim/Blaiard

Level 100-119
Colon Tree/Vantendeth/Grecia/Sturm/5 Forces of Darkness

Level 120+
Depending on class a raid or boss rush for now.

Your made a Officer and now must abide to their rules

_Guild-Master Rules_
Made the rules lol (Joking aside)
1. Helps everyone as best as he/she can
2. Tries not to abuse power
3. Refills Storage when time is available

_Officer Rules_
Rule 1. No abuse of power
Rule 2. No random kicking must have a reason
Rule 3. Help weaker members and players and expect no reward
Rule 4. Refrain from Vulgar language, if you do use it then have a valid excuse
Rule 5. Obvious Rules set by Iruna developers (meaning no cheating)
Rule 6. Don't be a jerk just because your an officer
Rule 7. Any violations will receive at least a temporary removal of rank or at most banned from the guild
Rule 8. Listen to Guild-Master
Rule ⑨. Don't be an idiot

_Veteran Rules_
1. Recruit members
2. Help members
3. Same as member

_Member Rules_
1. Behave
2. Have Fun
3. Work Together

Allied Guilds


Q. Can I have <item/equipment> in exchange for nothing
A. No/Maybe

Q. Is their someplace where I can get information on the guild
A. Your on it

Q. Can I become an Officer
A. Take the test and we'll see

Black List
"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."

Pic Gallery
So far None

To Do List
. Add pictures
. Find more active members
. Form allies with other Guilds

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