Ordo Mystica
Strange to say, the luminous world is the invisible world;
the luminous world is that which we do not see.
Our eyes of flesh see only night.


Ordo Mystica was formed on 3 August 2012.

It has gone through various phases of activity and changed hands, but has always existed in some form. Its base is in Diel Village or Witch Hunter Woods, depending on who you ask. Leafia is the founder and de facto leader, but there is no real hierarchy in this group. We are united by a love for things unseen, unusual, mysterious, occult, and extraordinary.


1 August, 2012

Rumblings of strange rituals and cloaked people wandering in the night abound in the Witch Hunter Woods.

The full moon is coming.


  • We are not a guild so much as just a ragtag collection of individuals with unique interests.
  • Roleplaying is welcome and encouraged, but is not a requirement.
  • There are no restrictions on level, class, or activity level, but mages seem to fit in well here.
  • Ordo Mystica is for established players who know how the game works. No one will have a problem with questions, requests for parties, giving advice, and so on, but we are not particularly interested in players just looking for handouts or players who demand help leveling, &c.
  • To join, ask a member (if you can find us). We do not actively recruit.
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