Orphio Aphotic

5)Who are we?

User LVL Rank
EvanEvto 32 GuildMaster
Zionian 23 GuildVeteran
Guede 25 GuildVeteran


Orphic Aphotic means mystical darkness, if you were wondering.
Anyways… if you want to join our guild you can find a guild member,
or email me at moc.liamg|003notvE#moc.liamg|003notvE telling me where to
meet and invite you (also if you have requests for promotion, and questions)
We are usually around Rokoko City(As of now) and could find us near there.


  • dont fight in chat
  • have a reason and explain before leaving the guild
  • dont leech without consent
  • follow these terms, and Have Fun! :)


We exist because of a branch from Ordo Mystica. You may not know them, they
are usually around witch hunter woods. They like to invite the more "darker" of
members. We are based in Rokoko City But our portal will not always be set to there.
soon it will be set to Capital City Sofya. Most of us are mages(and related classes) But
Warriors are welcome to join. We will invite players of at least lvl 15, (plz dont leach)
I will promote you(Oficer, Veteran, Master, ETC.) if i see you are loyal, and fit for the rank.
Ask questions, and give advice for the page at moc.liamg|003notvE#moc.liamg|003notvE. Thankyou.

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