Friendly People are WELCOMED to join, Just remember to be respectful and courteous of others. We are willing to help as much as we can but we do not tolerate beggars. Come join our Lovely family filled with laughter and jokes!


Gathering Order Lv. 10
Tactical Order Lv. 10
Guild storage lv 3


Posted by womble

We're bat guano crazy and then collect the guano to toss fireballs at whatever is in the way of our objectives!

Guild purpose:
The same as everyone else, to kick gum and chew butt. Erm. You know what I mean if youve seen the movie…

How we do it:
We're close. NOT THAT CLOSE! *slides their chair away a bit*

We all converse a lot. Some of us know each other, and we band together to help everyone out.

Our chat:
We do not pretend to be "g" rated. It can go quite deep at times. All the way past x even. Our moderation is if it gets out of hand. We pride ourselves on being able to dance that line between the dark side of the net and bambi but there is no "direct" ruled governing our chat… Yet… And abusers get kicked pretty quick. I would say we are anything goes but if it turns into an offensive flame war expect to get the old field goal attempt pretty quick. Normal and moderatley unbalanced people will find this fine. Anal retentive and down right greasy folk will find short shift.

Guild ranking. And no. We are not a collection of tweens. We have ppl globally, married, married with children, and an expectant grandma. Ya. Take that. :
Our officers are our officers. We've been around a long time (many of us from beta) and will remove disruptive elements. We are also active enough that we can and will kick you out if you're being a doofus. We don't need proof. We operate on if you're being a dick we will kick you. No we arent asking for more. We promote as we see fit and tbh, we don't care if youre capped with best gear and know so n so from wherever. U start at the bottom and work ur way up. No exceptions.

Members are promoted via activity. Dont expect a promotion in a week. And dont expect to keep member status if you dont keep helping and being active. Think of the officers as the boss, the member as the assistant managers. Earn it or lose it. Its all on you, not us.

The perks:

We are an old, level 60 guild. Setup to max drop rest xp. Currently 10/10. Thats literally a fortune on top of your fortune.

We host weekly guild mq punches on Fridays. Limit is 5 mqs per person so Saturday through Thursday you're free to do as you please. (Help ppl during this enough and u get a rank!) ofcourse we cant help everyone but comon. Thats pretty sweet.

Trivia on islands every sunday. Show up and play trivia to win free stuff. Check out the island scenarie. Win stuff. Show off ur big brain. Even offer to host ur own trivia night on sundays an show off ur swag.

WE DO NOT ACTIVLY BOOST, GIVE GEAR, PROMOTE, OR SUFFER FREE-LOADERS. (And yes, we are very good at finding free-loaders)

Msg for invite:

Insert stupid disclaimer here. Cuz ppl are dumb.


1. 1 main 1 alt per person. Mains must be 240+ to invite a lv 180+ alt. Alts must be active.
2. recruitment has to be approved by officers first before being invited to guild
3. Be active, inactives will be mailed and kicked.
4. No scamming or discrimination against any sexual perferences
5. Be productive, try to help eachother out
6. Please BE ABLE to contribute to party if you want to farm something
7. Mq events will be held on FRIDAYS ONLY. no mq from Saturday through Thursday.





Warrior’s Branch
Gladiator Builds STR/DEX- Sword user AGI/CRIT- Nail user (common build on iruna)
Paladin Builds STR/VIT- Damager Tank VIT /INT- Full Tank/Support
Assassin Builds AGI/CRIT-Nail user (common build on iruna) INT/ DEX- Throwing Knife user
Sniper Builds STR/DEX- Arrow Rain build DEX/ CRIT- Dps(Damage per seconds)Build using 130-140AGI+Skill Buff you’ll get Max ASPD
Mage's Branch
Bishop INT/DEX- with few VIT can be a good support/ Tank
Monk AGI/CRIT- Claw user
High Wizard INT/DEX- Later Need CRIT stats to Maximize the Damage
Enchanter INT/DEX- few AGI stats needed to be a Good SOLOER


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