>> 7 Deadly Sins <<

The » 7 Deadly Sins « Guild was created by CrystalQ on April 14 2013 for Iruna Online.
It's alt guild, » 7 Holy Virtues « Guild was created on 1st November 2013 for Iruna Online.
The extension guild to Celes Arca was created on 28th August 2013

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Have a Nice 2014 !

1 st Guild Anniversary
7 Deadly Sins Guild

It all started on one cozy afternoon on 14th of April 2013.
Two siblings, an elder sister and a younger brother,
decided hey let's make a guild !
Let's make it fun,
says the younger brother
Let's make it awesome!
cried the elder sister
Then it was born,
a guild of players,
who learn and grew together,
based on the 7 Deadly Sins,

As the history continues on,
our guild grew stronger day by day,
A senior player of the Ferzen battlefield,
An aspiring new player who stood by the guild from her young days,
A lovable bunny who couldn't get enough of carrot pies,
An elite ninja of her own unique strength,
An angel of kindness,
A fierce fighter of the arrancar ranks,
The firefly who shines the way out of the darkness,
The best friend of friends !
An awesome alt expert of classes,
An officer with great credibility,
An officer with strong personality,
my charming younger brother,
and to all the former and current 7dsinners,
who stood with us,
laughed and cried with us,
out of joy and struggle,
in the young and old days,
this is CrystalQ,
thanking you all,
for being part of this guild,
in your Iruna lifetime.

20p20oz.jpgGuild Master : CrystalQ ( Bishop )20p20oz.jpg

Guild Veterans who apply must go through the Guild Officer Test conducted by either the Guild Master or any of the Guild Officers if there are any empty spots available for the posts.

34eryj5.jpgGuild Officers34eryj5.jpg


Ex-Guild Officers :

1. PowerFul ( Retired from Iruna but came back as Deathe/7DSDeath and left again)
2. Tiger ( Shift to another guild )
3. Mercedez ( Shift to another guild. Banned because of lying on the real reason for leaving the guild behind but was was allowed return of alt )
4. magicboy ( Banned because he broke the officer's vow and failed his probation sentence, returned from long expel )
5. Nekrotic ( Shift to another guild, disasrer (alt) is still in 7DS )
6. Relapse ( Retired )
7. Maroe ( Soul-searching )
8. neko ( Quit Playing but returned )
9.nakawaru ( Currently helping out in another guild )
10. SpectraX ( Missing in action but returned )
11. Fenen ( Inactive for a few months )
12. icexlr ( Retired )

2lxje42.jpgGuild Veterans2lxje42.jpg

Guild Veterans : Guild Members who are level 90 and above receives this rank automatically with some exceptions in rules

Motto : The 7 Deadly Sins… Awaits the Heart of Iruna..

Principles of 7DS

We, the guild members of 7DS…


1. Pride : … honour ourselves and treasure others with utmost respect in a mutual manner regardless of ranks, levels or classes as we take pride in performing the best of our abilities in achieving our goals and upholding 7DS's great reputation as an ideal guild for all in the Iruna Online World.


2. Greed : … carry out beneficial activities together as a guild as a way to improve ourselves and others in all sensible aspects in order to progress onto the next level and so forth.


3. Gluttony : … are fearless, fighting mercenaries that don't mind eating monsters for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When faced in battle, our winning diet of determination are our key to the doors of success.


4. Lust : … are against any form of scams, frauds, trolls and other disagreeable stuffs. As a precaution, we show great care in taking early measures to prevent any undesirable results and still aid those who had been affected from before.


5. Envy : … show our natural instinct to compete with others in all respective fields of Iruna Online without neglecting the virtue of give and take by aiding others regardless of whether the player is part of the guild or not when they are in times of need, anytime, anywhere.


6. Wrath : … actively hunt down monsters who plagued the Iruna Online World with an awesome battle fury that no fire set to the rain could ever match.


7. Sloth : … indulge ourselves in fun-filled activities within the guild to promote social communication and friendliness among the guild members as we journey onto our greatest adventure of our lives, not only as guildies, but as lifelong friends !

Guild Activities

1. Main Quest Party
2. Normal Quest Party
3. Harvesting Loot Party
4. Mid-Term Guild Contest
5. Holiday Events
6. Games & Gatherings
7. Q&A and Guild Chatting Sessions
8. Birthday Shout-outs

All players are welcome to our guild including new players :) New players if you wanna join, do post on our Facebook Page to let us know !

Do check out our main hunting area and teleport zone Rokoko or Sofya or Kleya or Saterica to find us !

Past Guild Events :

Mid-Term Guild Contest 2013
Letter Scavenger Hunt 2013
Area Guild Tour ( Saterica, Elban, Minaula, Port Spargas, Drafbourg )
Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Game Tournament 2013
Official Christmas Event 2013
12 Days of Christmas Quiz 2013
Christmas Gift Exchange 2013

New Year 2014 Contest
Official New Year Event 2014
Setsubun Festival Official Event 2014
Valentine's Day Official Event 2014
The Things I Love Contest 2014
Islands & Pets Guild Photoshoot 2014
Iruna Online First Anniversary Celebration 2014
White Day Official Event 2014

Ongoing Guild Events :
Official Iruna Anniversary Event 2014
Guild 1st Anniversary Celebration ( 14th April 2014 )
April Fools Day Guild Event : Word Ban Game

Future Guild Events :
Official Halloween Event 2014
Official Christmas Event 2014

Rules & Regulations


1. Members are not allowed to beg or continously spam the others for any items including equipments. Do ask in a nice and polite manner if you wish to get the item you wish for.

2. Trade is allowed but not recommended. Spamming trades is not allowed.

3. Free use of any language but English is recommended.

4. If the members are absent for a long period of time, do inform the GM or Officers of the guild thru mail.

5. If any ex-members wants to rejoin the guild, they are welcomed to do so :). However, their previous ranks will be removed except for those who have a good reason for their actions.

6. Guild Officer Test is open to only those level 90 and above ( Veterans Only ).

7. Those who are interested in taking the Guild Officer Test, send a mail to the Guild Master.

8. Power- levelling will be done not on request BUT on offer from the guild officers themselves, as they will hold power-levelling events from time to time and they have the right to hold it whenever they feel free to do so. However, because of the level differences between players, power-levelling is now ineffective and will be replaced with help in main story quest instead.

9. Any violations of this rules will result in that guild member being put on suspension ( revoke rank for a week for cases of power abuse and mild problems ) OR probation ( getting the approval of 5 members to stay in the guild within a month) OR a kick sentence depending on the outcome of a guild trial with the presence of the Guild Master and 2 Officers

10. Any rules applied by the Asobimo Developers for Iruna players also applies to all guildies.

Guild Allies

1. Red Wolves ( Ash-wolf )
2. »Royal Guardians« ( SpectraX )
3. Legion ( Nekrotic )
4. Luna Azure ( Yorsh.0 )
5. Project_Destiny ( Alfamale )
6. TheKingsOrder ( greyjohn )
7. ★Otaku☆Raid★ ( Cecaniah )

8. Vortex ( CREED )
9. ΣQUΙηΘℵ ( Alfamale)
10. >AsianWarrior<
11. ScreamAirFire ( MistAlex )
12. Celestial Being ( Setsuna✮ )
13. The Dark Brotherhood ( Lycca )
14. The Avengers ( Misaki_ )

Guild Officer Test

Guild Officer Test Conditions

1. Lvl 90 n above
2. Veteran Rank
3. Must be in guild for at least a month
4. No guild or player crimes ( in past & present )
5. No blacklist by any guilds ( unless misunderstanding )

#Stage 1 : Knowledge Trial#


The questions are based on general knowledge in Iruna Online. Answer three correct answers out of 5 questions to move onto next stage.

#Stage 2 : Hunting Trial#


Hunt for 3 types of loots set by the guild master or officers and send them by mail. You can hunt them as a solo or in a party. Unless in a situation where trade system is down, an oral exam will be conducted.

#Stage 3 : Boss Trial#


The member will be given choices of three to choose. The guild master or one of the officers will accompany you into Boss Lair in a party.
The members who made it to this stage are required to fight the boss solo without any help involved ( yes, the officers are only there to observe the situation ) .
Winning against Boss will qualify the member to becoming a Guild Officer under a probation time of 1 week.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Black-Listed Players

yurnero ( continous begging )
gerome ( continous begging )
winsy ( continuos begging )
arnold31 ( rude towards a member after receiving a weapon, ungrateful attitude )
magicboy ( broke officer's vow because left the guild without informing any of the guild members and failed the probation sentence, came back after a long expel )
Mercedez ( broke officer's vow because lied about the reason for leaving the guild behind )
Gienz, Gienx, Gien, ®Gien® and his alt accounts ( suspected of stealing guild members not only from 7DS but from other guilds based on a spy mission )

Thoka ( Suspected selling off character and abusing the guild for this purpose *referred from complains of others)
SASKimo ( Being rude to others in the guild )
master/Farid ( Spamming, Begging, Bringing down the guild's honour and name )

ScreenShots Galleria

Capital City of Elban City Guild Tour

Minaula City Guild Tour

Port Spargas Area Guild Tour

7DS Halloween Official Event 2013

7DS Christmas Official Event 2013

Year-End 7DS Official Guild Photoshoot 2013

Islands & Pets Celebration Guild Photoshoot 2014

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Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/SevenDeadlySinsGuildIrunaOnline
Iruna Online Unofficial Forums : http://irunaonline.boards.net/thread/30/7-deadly-sins-guild

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