Welcome to the Spectral Sky guild page!

Guild Level: 12 Main Server: Flammel

Our guild's main goal as of the moment is to get members. Members are important to us! If you're in a party with your friends, you can ask us to invite them! Just let us know!

It looks like the Guild Masters need a Mage in their party! Mail the Guild Masters your application and they will add you to their party if you make the cut. As of the moment they'll take anyone.

As a member, it's important that you know what class you ultimately become. This way Guild Leaders can party you with someone (if you are not already partied) for more effective gameplay.
Branch Suggestions
Mage Branch
Bishop INT-DEX Mana Wave/ Holy Light battle support. Head Healer
Monk AGI-CRIT Close Combat. Preferably claws
High Wizard INT-DEX may max out CRIT for maximum dmg
Enchanter INT-DEX a few on AGI to be good at soloing
Warrior Branch
Gladiator Builds STR-DEX (Sword User) AGI-CRI (Nail User)
Paladin Builds STR- VIT (Damager Tank) VIT-INT (Tank/Support)
Assassin Builds AGI-CRIT (Nail User) INT-DEX (Knife Thrower)
Sniper Builds STR-DEX (Arrow Rain) DEX-CRIT (More dps: AGI 130-140)

Need help? Turn to the guild leaders!
Whether you're alone and are in need of a party, or need help with grinding, the guild leaders will do the best in their power to help you! Guild leaders will find someone who is available (if not the guild leaders themselves) to help you with your issue.

HOWEVER do not expect guild leaders (especially masters) to hand you items by simply asking. On rare occasions, guild leaders will give a member an item for helping advance the guild. If you are dedicated enough, the guild leaders might promote you a rank.

As a guild, we're family
As a guild member, you are obligated to help your fellow guild members. Treat everyone with respect.
If you help out other guild members, tell the guild leaders! Guild leaders will then confirm with the person that you helped that your service was indeed helpful, and will mark you down to be promoted.

  • help 15 people, you will be appointed Veteran
  • help 100 people, you will be appointed Officer

If you help someone that is outside of the guild, this is a special situation. Advise your client (person you are helping) to stay in one place with you, then notify us. You will still be rewarded of your service, but only if it is legitimate.

Please do not hand out item to other guild members or players outside the guild unless guild leaders approve. Handing out items to your party members is fine, as long as they are not weapons; members should be able to obtain their own items, but bettering a party's is understandable.

Guild Leaders!!!

It is a guild leader's responsibility to be the ones who help the guild the most. So, to make sure when a guild leader is ready to help his or her guild, they must send what times (in Pacific Standard Time) they will be online. *Guild leader time slots will be posted when the guild has enough guild leaders

Guild members

Name Level Job Rank
Fíctíøn 53 Apprentice Hunter Master
KyleKol 52 Apprentice Knight Officer
iDrmzIt 22 Mage Officer
Adage 16 Apprentice Mage Officer
Yzvbelle 24 Mage Veteran
Zaphria 21 Apprentice Mage Veteran
kayochi~ 29 Warrior Veteran
avrilsky 25 Mage Veteran
vysera 43 Warrior Veteran
Raxhe 19 Apprentice Mage Veteran
(something)12 11 Adventurer Member
Chris_J 18 Apprentice Mage Member
tativaka 17 Adventurer Member
xexo 12 Apprrentice Warrior Member
Kazukas 20 Warrior Member

Thank you for reading till the end! Sincerely your guild master, Fíctíøn
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