General Information

A SUPERHERO is an awesome being of superior integrity. Heroes are pretty cool, but superheroes take it to ridiculous levels. The SUPERHERO guild is a collection of some pretty rad people that live up to the guild's name. While part of our credo is to be honorable, respectful, friendly and individual heroes in this crazy content-lacking world of Iruna, we're pretty much all about the super part. We welcome anyone looking for a fun, active, and dynamic guild to join our ranks!

Certified fresh on July 10, 2012

Guild Credo

Be respectful, be friendly, be helpful, and be kind. Maintain dignity and integrity. If there is any one word you should understand here so far, it is RESPECT. Members should strive to be great, exemplary individuals, both in moral character and as gamers. We aim to be a guild that others look up to and want to be a contributing part of.

Every member is valuable and part of a family. Seriously, I love every single one of you (: Even if we just met!
Your duty as a member of this guild is to just be really cool, get involved, be active and have fun!
In return, I will make it my personal goal to give each and every one of you an enjoyable Iruna experience~!


November 4, 2012:
Mirandi finished the scavenger hunt in a matter of hours, with lionhart trailing with just one clue left to solve. Mirandi graciously offered the prizes to the second place winner, which could still be anyone.

November 3, 2012:
Scavenger hunt starts today at 12pm PST.

November 2, 2012:
Mirandi is now our 4th leader. Her constant contributions and unwavering loyalty are an inspiration to us all.

August 19, 2012:
The V Sisters, TonixT and Mordec are now in charge.
July 23, 2012:
Virulana gave the scavenger hunt a face full of sweet nut justice!

July 22, 2012:
New guild event! Check out the scavenger hunt below and try to win four Mythril!

Updated guild rank policy for veteran rank again. Members under level 50 may now be promoted under special circumstances.

July 14, 2012:
New guild bank account established! Introducing Banq !! Read this section for more info on how to use our own community vault.

Updated guild rank policy.

GASSPPP UPDATE! And it sucks! lol


I know how annoyingly boring the grind can get, so I will organize periodic events to take some of the zzz out of it.

Past Event:
Guild Scavenger Hunt !!
A big congratulations to our first scavenger hunt winner, Virulena !! She blazed through about a dozen clues in under two hours, then came back for the win by the end of the night.

Here are the solutions to all of the clues:

Clue Answer
A lesson in forgery Weaponsmith Book
Sick and tired of looking at you Spent Evil Eye
"She loves me, she loves me not" to an astronaut Starhunter Petal
A literal ass hat Colon Hat
Bruce Wayne's private plane Bat Wing
A toy that brings giants to their knees Slingshot
There's no Mahara in here Fake Treasure
Charred fingers make necklaces out of these Fire Bead
The blood that gives birth to a guild Ruby
A chip off the ol' block Cubic Fragment
Remnants of a backyard barbecue Burnt Coal
It's a really big sword Big Sword
A tiny bandaid that keeps on giving Regera (XS)
Edible Cockatrice poop? Egg
Fly back to where it all began ★Fort Bailun

A HUUUUGE thank you to everyone that participated (: It was pretty close! I hope you all had as much fun hunting as I did organizing this small event. I was hoping it wouldn't be too easy, but I was also hoping it'd take a bit longer for all of you to figure it out. It turns out we've got a pretty smart guild! So the next scavenger hunt will be HARDER!



The V SistersGuild Leader Lv. Awesome
TonixTGuild Leader Lv. Awesome MordecGuild Leader Lv. Awesome
MirandiGuild Leader Lv. Awesome


(All Officers)


rain.xMage Lv. 78 rain.yApprentice Hunter Lv. 54 killamanWarrior Lv. 61
BraekMage Lv. 58
aka the REAL Taeyang
MirandiMage Lv. 84 AtimasWarrior Lv. 53
GrimlockMage Lv. 54 ByakkoMage Lv. 52 killa666Warrior Lv. 51
SixApprentice Hunter Lv. 80 ZrenMage Lv. 92 AriaMage Lv. 46
DimplesMage Lv. 61 PimplesWarrior Lv. 63 NimplesMage Lv. 40
ChynixMage Lv. 54 CarnageDWarrior Lv. 53


ShardnadWarrior Lv. 36 NinjamanApprentice Hunter Lv. 51
Sakura:PMage Lv. 57 AmadeaApprentice Hunter Lv. 50
ElohimMage Lv. 55 SweetNutApprentice Mage Lv. 17
All over your face
ashkushMage Lv. 31 Rubio7Mage Lv. 46
RinoaMage Lv. 48 adrenalnWarrior Lv. 35 Mage Lv. 24 yopboyWarrior Lv. 42
NihilistWarrior Lv. 20 NitroxWarrior Lv. 32 magosinAdventurer Lv. 15 Tonix2Apprentice Warrior Lv. 36
MekreWarrior Lv. 42 RainaMage Lv. 40 nuladdarWarrior Lv. 44 ⌈Alien⌋Super Adventurer Lv. 30
/666\Mage Lv. 25 MewtwoMage Lv. 20 ParisApprentice Mage Lv. 15 ShixApprentice Hunter Lv. 50
chrissieMage Lv. 45 park38Adventurer Lv. 13 NinjaskWarrior Lv. 20 T.A.B.Warrior Lv. 61
uMi$$M€HWarrior Lv. 47 draobalaApprentice Hunter Lv. 63 SILENCEMage Lv. 48 TsukiMage Lv. 63
YutokiWarrior Lv. 38 J.KWarrior Lv. 56

Rank Information

BOSS (Guild Master)

The V sisters

MINI BOSS (Officer)

TonixT, Mordec and Mirandi

Officers are extensions of the guild masters' authority, and are placed in a position of trust and responsibility. They have the power to invite, promote, kick, and screw with the announcements. Although our members are welcome to have cross-memberships with other guilds on alternate characters, because of conflicts of interest our officers cannot be officers of other guilds at this time.

Officers normally rank below the guild master, but in this guild they are co-leaders, which means they are equal in authority to the guild master, and any major decisions made by the guild master will require their approval as well.

Those promoted to this rank are veterans who have demonstrated true merit through actions that are consistently parallel with the guild's best interests. You can always find these people willing to help out other members, contribute to the guild, etc. True super heroes~!

SUPER HERO (Veteran)

Veterans are esteemed members that have shown dedication through time and effort spent playing the game with fellow guild members. They are individuals that have logged a substantial amount of time playing as active members of our little community. They show integrity, respect, and concern for the guild. These are what qualifies a member for veteran status, regardless of level. Rebooted characters that were veterans immediately prior to restarting may be considered for veteran status.

HERO (Member)

The bread and butter of the Justice League!

Guild rank policy is subject to change over time.


Running a successful guild isn't always easy, but it is made possible by the voluntary contributions of its valued members. While I'll never ask any of you to give up any of your hard earned loot or valuable time, I wouldn't turn down a helping hand (:
Donations of spina and/or significant items to both the guild and/or its members would be much appreciated and recognized, as well as any aid in grinding/farming/questing, or guild logistics and planning. Even just throwing out a suggestion or some simple constructive criticism helps out immensely!

Guild Bank

Our guild bank account serves as a place to accept item/spina donations to the guild fund. These items and funds will be used to help our members in need, get new characters up to speed quickly, and for upcoming guild events.

TO DONATE ITEMS: Just send mail to Banq with your attachment.
TO DONATE SPINA: Send a trade when Banq is online.

TO WITHDRAW: Check our inventory, then mail a request to Banq . You can also just ask me whenever I'm on (much faster this way).

All transactions will be noted and recorded. If you want to withdraw any of your items or spina, just let me know and I'll kick it back your way ASAP. Deposits are meant to be temporary solutions and should be withdrawn as soon as it is convenient to do so. All donations will be used to fuel guild events, contests, and help any of our members in need! New characters may especially benefit from this service. Donations will be distributed to members on an as needed basis.

Please note that the Banq account will not be constantly monitored, and only checked on occasionally or as needed.


When donating stackable items, please try to send large stacks (closer to 99, but a full stack is preferred) instead of a lot of small stacks.

  • ★Diel Village (40)
  • ★Fort Bailun (44)
  • ★Rokoko (74)
  • Frog Meat (99)
  • Revita (M) (396)
  • Revita (L) (21)
  • Sweet Nut (110)
  • Antidote (297)
  • Chainmail (around 10)
  • Compound Bow (around 10)
  • Headguard (6)
  • Mage Staff (around 10)
  • Basic Magic III (3)
  • Defense III (11)
  • Double Attack III (11)
  • Dark Manual I (67)
  • Insult Book II (3)
  • Recovering MP III (74)
  • How to Heal 3 (33)
  • ◇DEX+1 (45)
  • ◇INT+1 (134)
  • ◇STR+1 (50)
  • ◇VIT+1 (13)
  • ◇CRIT+1 (35)
  • ◇MaxHP+100 (8)
  • Damascus Steel (235)
  • Hematite (223)
  • Ancient Text (109)
  • Medical Text (98)
  • Colon Skin (128)
  • Gamma Fragment (99)
  • Weaponsmith Book (4)
What we need:
  • Basic Magic 3
  • Double Attack 3
  • Insult Book 2
  • Defense 3
  • Grilled Fish
  • Crysta (we have enough Int +1)
Top donators (in no particular order):
  1. Mordec
  2. Tonixt
  3. Mirandi
  4. Grimlock
  5. Braek
  6. Aria
  7. Zren
  8. ayanami
Total Spina:


Vigilante Museum

Watch us efffff stuff up~!!

[[table width: 100%;]]


666's Collage Dozen Entys can't touch this

Policy (Please Read)

There are no catches when you join. You are not bound to any obligations. Your privacy will be respected and protected. However, the direction of the guild is ultimately up to the discretion of the guild masters, and as such, any decision made may directly or indirectly affect your game experience. If you do not agree with any decisions made by the administration, you are both free and encouraged to bring up any issues with the boss without any penalty.


Respect everyone. If you suspect any activity by another member that contradicts our credo or policy, you are both free and encouraged to bring up any issues with the bosses without any penalty. Should you choose to remain anonymous, your decision will be strictly respected.

Any malicious griefing or harassment toward members or other players in the game will not be tolerated, and action will be taken by the big boss. If any members are found without a doubt to be breaking our code of conduct, administrative action will be taken in the form of warnings, demotions, temporary restrictions, or just plain given the ol' boot. Sounds harsh, but don't worry, I'm fair and willing to listen to every side (:


A large part of what makes guilds fun and great are its members. As such, we want our members to be active and ideally talkative. You won't be kicked for being the silent type, but you may be dismissed from the guild if you have been considered inactive. Inactivity in this context is defined as not having been observed logged into Iruna for a significant period of time.

IF you know ahead of time that circumstances will prevent you from logging on for a long time, please let me know and I'll be sure to make a temporary exception for you.

It is difficult to keep track of everyone's activity, and it is done so on a flawed system based purely on observation. If you are mistakenly dismissed due to inactivity, I sincerely apologize for overlooking you and would be happy to reinvite you to the guild.


IF you are dismissed from the guild, you will be notified via mail for the reason of your dismissal. You can appeal the dismissal by contacting an administrator.

Under most circumstances, you are always welcome back! Otherwise, I'd tell you to go eat your face.

How to Join

Get in contact with one of our members. Anyone lvl50 or over is eligible. The only other requirement is that you demonstrate in one way or another that you are — and will continue to be — an active and contributing member.

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