Welcome to our Guild (^○^)/

Info about the Guild.

This guild focuses on helping our members mostly on main quest or sometimes farming.

We give away any spare items or equipments that we don't need or use. BUT WE DO NOT GIVE ITEMS ON DEMAND.

We have a couple of rules that should be followed:

  • No asking for a Rank right off the bat…we shall give you a veteran rank after 3-5 days of being on our guild
  • Officer Rank are for people who have earned them
  • Need to have the approval of Half of the active Officers to be promoted to "Officer rank"
  • Tell an Officer or the Guild Master if you took an item from guild storage.
  • No Bugging any of the members about giving you and item or equipment, especially if they refuse or don't have it.
  • No complaining about how we can't help you…please understand that it's either we're busy or can't help at that moment.
  • Don't be a complete D*ckhead…Don't go around acting like you're the strongest or smartest person alive. Its not cool Bro ;)
(Alternate account/Character shall not be listed here)
Guild Master Class/Jobs Status
kAichi3 (TT^TT) Ninja (Claw) Active
Adrielle Monk Active
Fyrfly High Wizard Semi-Active
iSpeed High Wizard Active
Guild Officers Class/Job Status
kAichi3 Ninja (Claw) Active
Fyrfly High Wizard Semi-Active
iSpeed High Wizard Active
Adrielle Monk Active
Curserz High Wizard Inactive
Blizancy High Wizard Inactive
Brent○5 High Wizard Inactive
Switch*7 Warrior Active
Yuna Enchanter Semi-Active
Kazuto94 Bishop Active
[ゆか] Paladin Active
Akiama Enchanter Active
Mheiku Cleric active
Veterans ** **Class/Jobs Status
Zidanne Monk Inactive
Curwen£¥ Claw Ninja Semi- Active
Meow Hunter Active
ADRIELLA Wizard Active
Kukimuru Ninja [Claw] Active
Trisha08 App Enchanter Active
Antrax60 Mage Active
Shin Hunter Active


  • kAichi is lost (or Fyrfly, who's always lost =_=)
  • Late night Show with kAi and Adrie (when adrielle and kai is the only ones left online at midnight)
  • Weird Guild Discussion (when more ppl are online at midnight)

**To be Continued **

JOIN US!!!!!


https://www.facebook.com/groups/1385483215068730/?fref=nf <—— yeah..we made a group..


"Cannibalism, It's only wrong when you think about it" XD - Lazercorn , Smoshgames

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