Terra Immortales

Welcome to The Land of Immortals

Welcome to Terra Immortales, The Land of the Immortals. Here at T.I. we want everyone to have the best experience possible while being a part of this guild. This guild belongs to everyone, thus everyone is expected to carry themselves in a professional manner if and when necessary. We strive above all to have fun and be as close to family as we can be. We are openly recruiting, but there are some specific things we require.

Rules to Joining

1. Be active - We simply want players who want to play. We understand life happens, but we want a rocking atmosphere, which requires people to log on.

2. Do NOT Beg - The desire to have the latest and greatest items is understandable. However, if you cant farm the items yourself, do not beg for them. Begging is irritating and gets you further from your goal. We try to be fair about giving, so do NOT abuse our kindness.

3. Level - If your active enough, there will be no lvl requirement. Your activity will obviously raise your level. They go hand in hand.

4. Fun vs. Drama - Please bring no real life drama here when you log in. The guild chat should be fun and positive. Bringing in personal issues brings the morale down and that isn't acceptable. If someone wishes to hear your issues, resort to PM's or Private Chat.


Guild Master



Kinesis Savorn69 yesak
Ravyn alec% Twank


Dude7d Bicardi Jawebe Sadist


Aleck% pandi sharkmus Frogz Cheeta
umii *la_loca Ceramic Sadist™ Sadists

News and Events

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