We love to laugh & joke around so get ready to meet some weird but awesome people! ;D
We are currently a Lv. 27 Guild, With 73 Current players (:

Our rules are simple:
1. No begging Please..all of us start from Zero to Hero!
*1st time warning, 2nd time demoted, 3rd time kicked & you will NOT be allowed back in.*

2. You must RESPECT your guild-mates!!
3. YOU MAY NOT JOIN MY GUILD IF: You are Under Lv. 100 , A non-active player, or if you have been previously kicked from the guild for violation of these rules.
*All members currently under requirement Lv. have 1 month to reach it or will be kicked till requirement Lv. is met.*

4. Every member has their own activities, before asking for help, please make sure they have spare time to help you!
*HAVE PATIENCE!! Your MQ (MAIN QUEST) isn't going to grow legs and run off, I promise.*


SaberCat Lv. 159 Ninja
*A.KITE* Lv. 169 Ninja
{rosey86} Lv. 13 App. Warrior
Shadow Lv. 160 Ninja
ChiTora Lv. 161 Ninja
Seporoth Lv. 158 Ninja
Storm Lv. 196 Ninja
Jeff1685 Lv. 163 Ninja
Rita16 Lv. 158 Ninja
Pikachu! Lv .122 App. Assassin
scavenge Lv.155 Bishop
Victini♥ Lv. 151 Monk
Kitkat Lv. 121 App. Enchanter
Twix Lv. 159 High Wizard
Orihime♥ Lv.157 High Wizard
coolion Lv. 160 Monk
Mayax2 Lv. 121 App. High Wizard
Graywes Lv. 57 App. Warrior
ikirito Lv. 148 Gladiator
NyX Lv. 155 Bishop
Starreh Lv. 200 Paladin
F0r3v3r Lv. 105 Wizard
SHADOW Lv. 29 Warrior
}Reaper{ Lv. 107 Wizard
Blossom Lv. 7 Adventurer
Koaka Lv.44 Warrior
Jellelz Lv. 9 Adventurer
KoinDori Lv. 34 Warrior
lorddraw Lv. 74 Wizard
Sangers Lv. 71 Hunter
JellyKid Lv. 40 Warrior
WizzBomb Lv. 88 wizard
Briskx3 Lv. 55 App. Knight
Aveileus lv. 121 App. High Wizard
Kuchiru Lv. 90 Wizard
Josh79 Lv. 60 App. Cleric
prvysage Lv. 54 App. Cleric
blue…. Lv. 54 App. Cleric
Reaperx3 Lv. 123 App. Galdiator
Empoleon Lv. 25 Warrior
Drk_Wolf Lv. 84 Knight
X-23 Lv. 46 Mage
Saphren Lv. 104 Hunter
xSowrd Lv. 157 Bishop
*Mizu*$ 125 App Gladiator
Yukayi Lv. 26 Mage
Kogami^^ Lv. 3 Adventurer
CuBBy Lv. 74 Knight
Spirit Lv. 24 App. Warrior
Tepig Lv. 15 Adventurer
ZigyZapy Lv. 13 App. Mage
(@)>-'— Lv. 125 App. Paladin
Lo$t$oul Lv. 73 Cleric
K-Harem Lv. 9 Adventurer
DrkAngel Lv. 40 Warrior
infinit1 Lv. 32 Mage
Creel Lv. 178 Ninja
Moraine Lv. 51 App. Wizzard
Kevin@ Lv. 10 Adventurer
PINKCAMO Lv. 71 Cleric
xYellowx Lv. 3 Adventurer
Eclipes Lv. 163 Enchanter
*Cleiyah Lv. 82 Wizard
Kidicrus Lv. 37 Mage
Anikai Lv. 23 Mage
yasmine1 Lv. 107 Wizard
Sowrdx Lv. 1 Adventurer
VADIS Lv. 145 Bishop
Sugar Lv. 50 Warrior
FCK!!!!! Lv. 53 App. Cleric
nzLEGEND Lv. 146 Ninja
Desteny Lv. 60 App. Cleric
_Mike_ Lv. 160 High Wizard

*App. = Apprentice
*Due to computer limits most names are not how they appear in game


1. You are automatically a MEMBER of the guild when you accept the invite. Members of our guild help each other when possible!!!

2. Veteran status comes after members reach Lv. 120 and know the guild rules, then you will be ranked to a veteran status and as a veteran you will be able to invite others to the guild.

3. *NEW RULE* OFFICER will the hardest rank to achieve. To be a officer you must be at least Lv. 140. The officers have the power to promote members to veterans & kick people from the guild. Any misuse of ranking will be demoted.

4. The duties of the officers are to help lower level members and to maintain harmony in the guild. Having 70+ members asking for help can be quite overwhelming sometimes.

5. Officers also help out in the absence of the Leader & are allowed to kick people out the guild without permission from the guild leader but must notify the leader.
*Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to become a officer, regardless of level or how active you are.*

Guild Page:

Come like our page & join the fun :3

*As of September 17, 2014, All rules will be but in place & new ranks will be given. (:

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