Welcome to Venture!

A friendly and helpful community :D


-Don't ask for ranks, if your helpful and talkative, you'll earn veteran.
-Ask any officer or •Scizo• for assistance or advice.
-Don't be a soul less jerk. No one enjoys that, and you'll be kicked for it.
-Look for some of our members if you want to join, but no friend requests please.
A simple letter to us is fine.
-Please tell us id you leave, we need to know to update our page.

Guild Information:
Earn lvl 20+ by December 21. Don't ask for ranks, just earn them ^^
Help recruit lvl 20+ players, we need your help!

I. If anyone is being hurtful/rude, please report to any officers or Guild Master, •Scizo• as soon as possible.
We want to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and has fun in guild.

II. PLEASE, and I cannot beg anymore than this, please do not ask/bug people to help you, even if they
said no many times. It's not only you that's important, people may have other things to do.

III. Have fun! Everyone always tries to be nice, so enjoy yourself in guild chat!

~~Behold! Our amazing guild master, •Scizo•! You need anything, just ask him for help! ~~
Also, you ask our beloved co-master, Lunawish! Or she could shoot someone with a shotgun.

Officers(order in levels, high to low):
-Chicito/Apprentice Wizard
-sd66669/Apprentice Hunter
-REDrazor/Apprentice Knight

Veterans (order in levels, high to low):

Members (in order of recruition):
-Nikkito/Apprentice Mage
-Ichiro/Apprentice Mage
-munki/Apprentice Mage
-Focus/Apprentice Warrior

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